Bonneville Speed Week 2011 – Record Breaking Plan

Bonneville Salt Flats -Breaking Records

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2011 Bonneville Speed Week sponsored by Spectre Performance

Any time a land speed racer says what they’re “planning” to do, they better be smiling!

As a warm up for the record breaking session this year at Bonneville, I stole 15 minutes with Amir Rosenbaum, the founder of Spectre Performance and driver of the “SpeedLiner” race car shown above. He was smiling…

The plan is to break five records!

Record #1 – B/BGS: When the SpeedLiner hits the starting line of the long course on Saturday, stuffed inside the long lean frame rails will be a 434 cubic inch Cadillac motor. For those of you keeping score at home, that’s a B-class motor  at 373-439 cubic inches. They’re gunning for the B/BGS record of 337.197 mphcurrently held by Vesco Racing’s D. Spangler.

Record #2 – A/BGS: If things go well, (isn’t the “if” redundant!!) the B-class record’s in reach because SpeedLiner already holds the A/BGS record at 356.645 mph. A-class allows 440-500 cubic inches, so they’re working a plan they already know fairly well. (there’s that word plan again!)

2011 Bonneville Speed Week, bonneville streamliner, bonneville racing, bonneville flats

Record #3 – AA/BGS: One word: Unlimited. 501+ cubes and no excuses! The record is currently held by SpeedLiner Amir at the wheel at 348.342 mph. No, that’s not a typo… they went faster with the smaller motor so again, the plan is to bump this one up significantly.

Record #4 – A/BFS: The gloves come off as the spec racing gasoline used is replaced by moonshine, nitromethane or methanol. The team built a motor to run on methanol going after the fastest records on record for a wheel driven vehicle. This is where the big dogs play and you’ll see names you recognize, or should, in the books: Teague, Burkland and Poteet. The current A/BFS record is held by Al Teague’s Speed-O-Motive streamliner at 409.986 mph set way back in 1991.

Record #5 – AA/BFS: The best for last. Top speed on the record books at 417.020 mph is held by the Burkland family, Burkland’s Streamliner. The only faster speed on the BNI Record Webpage is a turbine powered car. Spectre Performance’s goal is low 430’s. Wow.

After running 400+ at the FIA race on their A motor with mismatched turbos and a steering system that had Amir fighting to go straight (and scrubbing off speed) all the way down the track, the plan isn’t a dream. The team’s worked very hard preparing the car and they’re ready. The only thing standing in their way is 30,000 acres of hard packed salt also known as, “The Great White Dyno”.

2011 Bonneville Speed Week, SCTA Records, SCTA Rules, SCTA Engine sizes, bonneville racing, bonneville flats

If things go well, I’ll be taking all my shots of SpeedLiner in impound. If that seems like a funny thing to say, check out this story about Setting a Record at Bonneville. Every car that runs faster than the existing record has to make a return pass the next day that also breaks the record. The average of the two runs is the new record.

Welcome to’s coverage of 2011 Bonneville Speed Week.

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