Bonneville Veteran Dies at Speed Week

Bonneville Salt Flats Tragedy:

Bonneville racer dies at Speedweek 2009With all the excitement about Bonneville Speed Week, before I post my first blog and pictures, I want to show my respect following the tragic death of a great family man and land speed racer, Barry Bryant.

Unfortunately, I only knew of Barry Bryant of Anderson, California by his race car.  I told some friends about a sinister looking, long and bad, silver and black competition coupe that stood out as one of my favorites on the salt.  After describing the car as best I could, I learned it was the Bryant family’s “Tom Thumb Special”

Late in the afternoon of 8/9/2009, Barry Bryant crashed near the 5 mile marker on the long course at Bonneville traveling close to 200 mph. would like to express our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Barry Bryant.

If you knew Barry, please leave a comment.

Bonneville hot rod driven by Barry BryantBonneville Competition Coupe driver diesBonneville Coupe - Veteran racer dies in a crash