Can you ID these V8 Engines?

Brandon over at sent over some info about a fun game that tests your knowledge of American V8 Engines. Here’s how the idea got started:
Can you ID this V8 Engine?One night when I was a kid my Dad and I were at a dirt track watching the Sprint Cars racing, and he pointed out which cars had Chevy engines and which had Fords. How could he tell from the bleachers? He explained that you could tell by the spacing of the header tubes. The Fords were evenly spaced and the Chevys were not (the middle two exhaust ports are right next to each other on the Chevy small-block).

Years later, I’m thinking of ideas for an automotive trivia game, and it hits me – make a game where you identify an engine from a photo. Soon after my first engine ID game was born. After hearing feedback from players of that game I made another engine ID game, and more games are on the way. You can check them out at:

This one pictured’s too easy.’s get tougher… much tougher! If you can’t figure this one out, don’t bother!

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