Chopit Kustom’s Beatnik Bubbletop – This was a 55 Ford

Bubbletop Kustom Car – Radical Custom Creation!

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Back at the 2012 LA Roadster Show, I’m doing my best to take my favorite pictures and show them to you, just in case you’re outta state, country, or worse… you were one of the vendors I talked to that never get to leave your booth!

What you see here is a 1955 Ford. Yep. That’s what it started as, but according to Gary “Chopit” Fioto, all that’s left is the decklid and hood. Gary, and his sons Nick and Fabian of Chopit Kustom in Stanton, CA built this truly radical creation, completely out of steel In a 3 year build, Beatnik made it’s debut at the 2005 Fresno Autorama. So, this car’s been on the road for a long time! Gary drove the car in as well complimenting the air conditioning that keep him from suffocating underneath that huge bubbletop.

chopit kustom, bubbletop kustom kustom car

Every other detail of this car’s been covered. One of the best places to learn the history of the car and Chopit Kustom is by reading the RM Auction page where it sold for $396,000 back in 2006.  RM’s sold information page link

Did you get your own shots of this car? Let’s see them! moc.eMsiediRyMnull@nimda
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