Christmas Pinup of the Month – Heidi Van Horne

Hot-rod-pinup-model-Heidi-van-horne-on the beach

It’s a rare treat to find a gorgeous pinup model like Heidi Van Horne who’s also a great story about why, “My Ride is Me”.  That’s why Heidi’s a holiday gift for you from and our Christmas Season “Pinup of the Month”.

One thing you’ll notice in quite a few pictures in Heidi’s Pinup Picture Gallery is the tan colored F100 named “Molly” that Heidi owns, drives and even wrenches on! (click to see each picture full size)

Hot-rod-pinup-model-Heidi-van-horne-f100Hot-rod-pinup-model-Heidi-van-horne-pin up girlHot-rod-pinup-model-Heidi-van-horne-sexy pinup girl
(Photos by Dale Rio)

So of course, I had to ask, Why Molly? Heidi said, “I don’t know.  I don’t ever know why a car or truck’s name is what it is.  It just tells me one day.  No clue!”

Like most of us, Heidi got into cars from family: “I grew up working on cars to keep ‘em running, with my dad and brother.  I had to work on them to get to work and school, no glory in it, just a matter of life!  ;) But it gave me an appreciation for the mechanics of it all and wishing for one like my dad talked about having when he was a kid.”  She continued, “I love vintage trucks, so when this one just came along, I felt it was meant to be mine.”

“Molly’s My Ride is Me because… She’s tough, sweet, sturdy and time-tested, but cute and fun.  I love Molly!”

Hot-rod-pinup-bikini models-Heidi-van-horneHot-rod-pinup-model-Heidi-van-horne-beach pin up girl
(left: With Heidi Minx ( and pic by Ama Lea, hair and makeup by Red Dodge; right: Photo by Shannon Brooke, make up by Jennifer Corona)

You’ll notice by scanning the web for Heidi Van Horne, she’s got range! Her looks range from friendly, approachable, girl next store sweetheart:
Hot-rod-pinup-model-Heidi-van-horne-Hell's Belles Car Club
(Photo by Danielle Bedics showing Heidi’s Hell’s Belles Car Club attire)

Then Heidi changes things up some for a seriously hot shoot for YRB Magazine:
Hot-rod-pinup-model-Heidi-van-horne-lowrider picture
(Hair by Monique Wentworth/Makeup by Jennifer Corona)

So it’s no surprise that Heidi’s done some acting and is also a writer. She’s got a regular column with the Houston Chronicle online here (to find her, search “Heidi Van Horne” on the main page). If you’re in Houston, catch her working the Houston Auto Show January 30-31 for the Houston Chronicle.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these pictures and become a fan of Heidi Van Horne the way I have. She’s got it all in my humble opinion!  There’s more to see in her Pinup Picture Gallery and you can find her at her Facebook Fan Page or of course at her home page:

I’ll leave you with this last strikingly beautiful shot of Heidi and her truck Molly by VivaVanStory.
Hot-rod-pinup-model-Heidi-van-horne-beautiful and sexy

Photos in the pinup gallery by: Shannon Brooke,  Marco Patino, Justice Howard, Octavio Arizala, Danielle Bedics, Ama Lea, Dale Rio, and David Lena. Thanks to these photographers and of course Heidi for sharing them.

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