It’s a Concrete Massacre in Santa Cruz (Really)

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Story Contributed by member: Nick Koljian “Hellcity316”

hot Rod pinups, hot rod car show, custom car show

Sarahlee, a pin-up gal from the Devious Dolls I shoot from time to time, gave me a flier for a show out in Santa Cruz, CA and said, “You gotta shoot this show!” I thought, “This could be cool, the girls could hang out with grandma in Capitola and could run over and shoot the show.” As I was driving I just couldn’t get the title of the show out of my head… “Concrete Massacre”. To me that’s a “not so original” name for what I heard is a cool car show put on by the Alley Boys Car Club. I thought, “How many times have I heard a show called this or something involving concrete?”

After dropping the girls off at Grandmas house I headed up Soquel Ave towards the show. Soquel Ave’s the main drag that connects Capitola to Santa Cruz. I was still stuck on this “Concrete” thing until I made my left on Encinal St.  and drove by Las Animas Concrete plant… Looking inside, I saw nothing but sick steel! My thoughts immediately went from ” not so original” to genius!

hot rods, custom cars, kustom, Santa Cruz, car show

The car show was being held in a freaking concrete plant! I was quick to park the ride and hurry on in. I saw that Jessika, one of the Devious gals was working the front. I offered my 5 bones in exchange for the stamp on the hand and it was denied. Jess said, “Just get some sick pics.” “You got it” was my reply as I bailed off into the show.

Hot Rod Car Show, custom car Show, NorCal

First off, I came to line of old bombs that were lined up along a concrete wall which lead down to the vendors & DJ booth. Which then lead down to a staging area that was half mooned by cement trucks. This is where they had the bands and pin-up contest. Just south of that was all the rides all huddled up around the batch plant and spaced out cement trucks.

Car Show, hot rods, custom cars, kustom

Car Show, hot rods, custom cars, kustom

There was a host of car clubs in support of the show but the club that brought some heavy artillery was Persueders CC with their unreal flaked green Merc Newport and the 55′ burnt orange Chevy. Also in the house with their rides were custom creators Skoty Chops and Alex Gambino. Scott Coppock of the Villians CC came all the way from Benicia, CA to showcase his 51′ flamed dandy as well.

Car Show, hot rods, custom cars, kustom

Band wise, the day was packed full of live music. The Cranks, Low Budget, Tony T and the Pendletons, The Racket and Los Chilaqz. Between the bands DJ “Don’t Scratch the Wax” was spinning tunes from rockabilly to surf and psychobilly. And if that wasn’t enough and you still had a little shake in your bake, the after party next door at Boccis had Border Hoppin Boys and The Grims.

Then when you thought it was safe the Belladona Beauties from Turlock and the Devious Dolls hit you with the Pin-Up contest followed by the Alley Boys CC members announcing the flame throwin’ contest.

hot rod pinups, Car Show, hot rods

By the time this day was done, I was beat. The Alley Boys CC really did a outstanding job putting this show together and for the originality of where it was held… brilliant. I think Concrete Massacre has really cemented a place on my car show calendar for years to come… (editor’s note: That was terrible!) and I’ll just leave it at that.

For more info on Alley Boys CC shows or next years Concrete Massacre, check out the Alley Boys Facebook page.

So how’d I do Jess?  Here’s all the pictures from this car show click here

Till next time, the wheels are always turning!

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