Cool Hot Rod Pinstriping From 2009 Part #1

Here’s a look at some of the coolest pinstriping found on during 2009.  I think you’ll agree, pinstriping is alive and well.  So many hours go into practicing and painting, it takes a dedicated person on top of the skill required to lay a great line.  Enough words, these pictures will tell a 1000 of them on their own.  Enjoy!

Please check out the full Pinstriping Gallery to see even more works of art!

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Pinstriping and Hot Rod Art at MyRideisMe

Pinstriping is alive and well

Andy's Pinstriping has a vintage style

This C/CGC land speed racer shows off its hot rod art

Custom Chevy Impala gets its fender embellished with pinstriping

And a few of the stripers who we give much respect to,Charlie -One Arm Bandit- Decker master pinstriperPinstriper with proper formAndy laying some lines on this hot rod decklid Charlie, Joel and Andy.

So, there were so many pictures I wanted to share that one post is not enough.  Keep your eyes peeled for more!