Custom Car History Lesson: Hirohata Merc

Traditional Hot Rod and Custom Car History

Bob Hirohata,barris, 1951 Mercury,Custom, kustom, club coupe

If you’ve never heard of the “Hirohata Merc” it’s about time you did.

The car started as a low-mileage 1951 Mercury Club coupe owned by Bob Hirohata. In 1952, Bob caught a glimpse of the chop Sam Barris put on his Mercury and that’s all it took for Bob to drive the Mercury to Barris Kustoms for a full custom treatment.

In the end, Sam Barris, brother George Barris and Frank Sonzogni transformed the Hirohata Merc into a Kustom Legend. Read all about it at

Link to the full story:

Bob Hirohata’s 1951 Mercury

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