24 Pinstriping and Lettering Greats at the 2012 LA Roadster Show

Hot Rod Pinstriping from Pomona

pinstriping, hot rod pinstriping, pinstripes, custom pinstriping
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Like most shows with a hot rod and custom car theme, the pinstriping and custom lettering is everywhere. Telling a story of bygone racing years or thin, symmetric lines setting off a deck lid, we dig it all!

So here at the 2012 LA Roadster Show, pinstriping found my lens often… Here’s a few of my favorites and the complete gallery below.

pinstriping, pinstripes, custom pinstriping
Keeping the lettering theme going, dig this! The gold leaf pinstriping is sexy and get the Cali vibe from the palm trees visible in the reflection.

pinstriping, hot rod pinstriping, custom pinstriping
This is the cowl of Throttle King Car Club provisional member Chris. His Model A Hot Rod carried un-fakable patina and some great new-but-looked-worn pinstriping. One of my favorite shots from the show so far!

custom pinstriping, custom pinstripes, custom lettering
More from Chris’s hot rod. You tell me…

If you’re an artist, get in touch! I’ll feature your pinstriping in your own gallery: moc.emsiedirymnull@nimda

If you can’t get enough pinstriping, there’s more here: pinstriping pictures. Here’s the pinstriping pictures from last year:  2011 LA Roadster Show pinstriping