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Story Contributed by member: Nick Koljian “Hellcity316”

hot rods, custom cars, Skoty Chops Shootout

The first thing you think of when you hear Skoty Chops name is insane customs.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the custom creating madman and owner of Skoty Chops Customs at the Concrete Massacre Car Show in Redwood City, CA. The first words out of this humble genius aside from nice to meet you was, “Anytime you want have a shoot or use my shop for a shoot, here’s my number.” I just met the guy and he is offering his laboratory where some of the sickest pieces of steel are conjured up and fabricated. Honestly rod fanatics… I was speechless. So when I heard that Skoty was putting on his Shootout #2 you knew it was one that this lens junkie was not going to miss.

hot rods, custom cars, Redwood City, cool cars, pictures

There’s a few things that are a lock when Skoty Chops puts on a show and at The Skoty Chops Shootout #2 in Redwood City, Ca they held true. The first thing is, you know you’re gonna witness some of the baddest pinstripers from the Bay Area. Enter… Mr. Wims Brush Stroke Panel Jam. Featuring some mind blowing pieces that were brought in from around the globe and were put up for the crowd to gaze upon.

hot rods, custom cars, pinstriping, cool cars, pictures

Laying the lines for this jam were non other than Mr. Wim, Rich Luna, Terry of TBonez graffix and that’s just to name a few. Even Stevie Cab himself laid a few down as well. With names like that you know you are going to get some amazing work and custom pieces. And when there’s killer pinstriping you know that brings the rides in. Which brings us to the second thing you know you are going to get at Skoty Chops Car Show. Enter some of the biggest and well known clubs from the whole Bay and surrounding areas.

hot rods, custom cars, kustoms, cool cars, pictures

You had clubs like Strangers CC and the Road Zombies CC from the South Bay. You had a rare showing of the Last Originals CC from San Francisco. You had the likes of the Road Lords, Koolsville, Bay Bombs, Villians CC, West Coast Customs and the Hood Rats CC. Club members, car or not were at this show. Swankx CC to the Dragoons and Style Kings. I mean it was a flat out showing. With clubs like that in the same parking lot you know you are getting the best of the best that the Bay Area has to offer. The diversity of rods was like non other. All the different clubs checking out each others ride was like a NATO summit meeting for rodders.

hot rods, custom cars, kustoms, cool cars, pictures

Which brings me to the 3rd and final thing you know you will get at a Skoty Chops show. Enter… the big boys of customs, the monsters of mad fabrication, the Bays best. You already have Skoty Chops Customs but add names like Chuckles Garage, Moonlight Kustoms, Sac and TP Customs and the Bay Areas own godfather Alex Gambino of Gambino Kustoms under the same roof. Fo get ’bout it! Really,come on. That’s like a having your Birthday and Christmas on the same day. That’s like hitting the lotto and not having to split it up with 30 different people.

So you have some of the baddest pinstripers from the Bay Area having a panel jam, you have the biggest car clubs and you have the biggest names in customizing in the Bay all in one place. Not to mention the three live bands that played throughout the day. Moonshine, The Pendletons and Stigma 13. Then throw in the raffle and awards which consisted of some choice panels and mad fab awards.

Hot rod Car show, custom cars, pinstriping

That my fellow hot rod junkies is a Skoty Chops show. I can’t wait for next years Shootout. In closing I would like to say the Shootout was indeed a top shelf show as well as a great time had by all. Everything was super orginized, it was family friendly and I tip my lens cap to all the hard work that went into making this event happen. For more info on Skoty Chops Customs and future shows or events that SCC will be having or be attending go to

For the whole lot of pictures from this car show click here

If I don’t see you at the show…. ahh you know the rest.

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