Dragoon’s own “Nite of the Hot Rods”

NorCal Hot Rod Car Show

Story Contributed by MyRideisMe.com member: Nick Koljian “Hellcity316”cadillac hot rod, custom cadillac, cadillac hot rods
There’s something about a car show that’s 15 minutes from the house that gives me the warm fuzzies.

That my rod enthusiasts was Nite of the Hot Rods in Antioch,Ca. A quick trip over the hill and *BAM* there I was pulling up to the pier at the Riverview Lodge. The Riverview Lodge is a classic place to have a show. The breeze off the bay kept the crowd cool as cars lined the lodge’s pier. And if the breeze wasn’t enough, drinks at the lodge bar also helped! The lodge is like a old Elks club lodge turned restaurant but still keeping with the old beat up look.

This would be the 3rd annual show hosted by Antioch’s own Dragoons CC. Being in Antioch I knew it would be a diverse show and boy was I right. Everything from your classic and custom bombs brought in by Bay Bombs CC and the Dukes CC of the East Bay. Then there were the rat draggers provided by Vallejo’s Swanx CC. Not only did they roll in with some choice rats but also had some pretty clean pinstripping as well.

Of course like all shows, you have your vendors and music and lately, you’re likely to find a pinup contest. This years pinup contest the winner took home a cool 100-bones. Not bad for strutting your stuff and waving to the crowd for a couple of seconds.

Kustoms Cars, custom cars pics, custom cars pictures, northern california Car showCrazy sunset picture from Nite of the Hot Rods in Antioch, California

As far as the tunes, there was 3 very cool bands. The Twang Tens,the Deadbeats and splitting the bill was San Francisco’s Miss Fire and the Detonations. I’m also hearing through the ratvine that the Dragoons CC will be hosting this years Billetproof. So if that’s the case I know for a fact it will be a great show, cause this one was nothing less than classic.

See ya on the streets- N/Koljian

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