Drawing Cars – Blown Dodge A-100!

Car Concept Drawings that’ll blow your mind!

This little Dodge A-100 has been the one piece of my work that gets me more emails, calls, letters and requests for re-prints than any other I’ve sketched. This car concept drawing’s just got that something that makes people grin, and everyone just seems to get it. It’s fun, it’s irreverent, it’s obnoxious… It sums up my earliest inspirations and daydreams in one bright orange, low-slung package, and looks like it just did something wrong… And, frankly, it doesn’t give a shit. It’s my inner child, street machine-style, hyped-up on orange soda and pizza.

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I began drawing cars after a career move from cubicles to cubic off-road insanity. I was designing project cars and doing car concept drawings for clients at night and on weekends, and managing them during the day at that new job. My personal artwork was taking on a realistic appearance out of necessity, but the wild style within still wanted to play. One day in late 2006, I let it out in the form of this orange hued bit of my ID, now simply known in the studio as the A-Tona, which I sketched up for a Truckin’ Magazine Radical Renderings feature.

Recently, I went in a touched a few things up. Here’s a look at the original A-Tona car drawing for reference:

A-100 Dayton drag race concept

There were just a few minor details that were glossed over on the first go-round, due to excitement of getting it on paper, as well as squeezing in the sketch to make a magazine deadline. I never felt like it was finished at that point, and toyed with things like detailing, touching-up the reflections, and getting the stance perfect… not to mention those wild, concave wheels. This thing had to have them to portray that feeling of Hot Wheels car coming to life.

I set aside a few moments here and there over the past year, and just picked away, and decided to release a few prints into the world again. After all, it’s been good to me! This mighty little ass-hauling chunk of evil deserves to go back into circulation with some fitting dignity… Even if it chooses to muscle its way into my mind each day. You don’t argue with a big man carrying a baseball bat, and the A-Tona was not to be denied.

These will be limited to 150 pieces, and will be signed (I’ll personalize yours, if you’d like!), and retired once the last print hits the mail. I wanted to offer one on MyRideisMe.com because it’s been Craig’s site and friendship that have provided a ton of inspiration to me over the years, and what better place to let this thing run wild? The design and art are a part of me… very fitting, considering that MRIM is all about that connection between man and machine.

Thanks for reading along, and here’s hoping that you continually find that enjoyment and excitement in your life, and make the most of whatever it is that inspires you. And if you’re like me, and your imagination is running wild on the streets during your commute, look for me. I’ll be the guy in the wildly-raked, screaming yellow ‘Cuda with the fire bellowing out of the side pipes.  Give me a wave over at ProblemChildKustoms.com

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