Concept Creation: Drawing Poteet’s Talladega

How do you draw the perfect car?


All artwork by Brian Stupski at


drawing cars, poteet talladega, torino talladega drawing

How does he do it? An amazing car modified in ways to be described below, but then, in this drawing, it FLIES off the page. Love it!


As a bonus to the 45 Pictures of Poteet’s Radical Torino Talladega I shared, here’s the drawing that inspired the car. Brian works closely with Rad Rides by Troy to detail the lines and final shape. Rad Rides then transform the art into real metal shapes. Poetry! So here’s the details on what went on… followed by some other choice drawings by Problem Child Kustoms.


(Click any picture to see it full size)
car design, car drawing, 1969 torino talladega, torino talladega drawing


Can you pick up on a few ideas that didn’t make it to the final design? I found a couple!


hot rod art, Ford talladega, torino talladega drawing


hot rod art, poteet talladega, torino talladega drawing


Well? What you think? How to draw the perfect hot rod? Let’s ask Brian to put it on paper while asking George Poteet to dream up something supercool!