RHD Falcon Squire Wagon Groovy Video

1963 Ford Falcon Squire Wagon

Ford falcon, falcon wagon, 1963 ford falcon wagon
Images Courtesy of Daniel De Silva


In case you didn’t know, Ford Falcons were made and sold in Australia while the “compact” Ford was selling in the USA too. The cool old Ford Falcons we enjoyed all through the 60’s were replaced with some 70s Falcons that looked like… cars from the 70s. In a word, YUCK. But that’s another story…


ford falcon, falcon wagon, Falcon Squire


Daniel De Silva of Bandit Films has teamed up with Luke from Fuel Magazine to make Fueltank.tv. It’s a collection of great hot rod and custom car videos all done in HD. I’ve watched a few, especially this trick Falcon wagon, and I’ll be back!


Dig the groovy sounds and especially dig this gorgeous right hand drive Falcon. I want it!! Hopefully my 63 Falcon Wagon Project will turn out half as nice!



For more Falcon fun, check out Pikesan’s project: 1963 Ford Falcon Wagon Build


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