Fresno Autorama: Kathy’s Comet and Friends

We featured Kathy’s 1961 Comet back in March.  Kathy and the Comet were invited to the 2010 Fresno Autorama.  You know, the Blackie Gejeian Car Show.  It’s only his 51st show.  Only!?  The Fresno Autorama is considered to be THE finest indoor car show in the States.  Kathy hooked us up with Jerry Burt and his photos on

First, let’s see a couple pictures of Kathy and her Comet, along with Blackie Gejeian.  Check out Kathy’s BIG smile.  Friends and hot rods makes for some Good Times!

Blackie Gejeian and Kathy Jones' 1961 Comet at Fresno Autorama

Wow, what a cool experience to have your hot rod invited to the Fresno Autorama by Blackie Gejeian.  Congrats Kathy and the Full Tilt crew.

Fresno Autorama and Kathy Jones' 1961 Custom Comet

That deep purple paint on the Full Tilt built Comet is a sight to see!  Just gaze into the purple hue under the lights at the Fresno Autorama.  Heaven!  ha ha

1961 Mercury Comet at the famous Fresno Autorama by invitation only

In this photo by J Burt, the tan leather custom interior is poppin’ real nice.  The suicide doors help bring attention to the interior too.  But, its hard not to notice the low down air ride and injected powerplant.

Now, on to some of my favorite rides at Fresno Autorama…

 Hot Rod Westbrook Dairy Truck at Fresno Autorama

I had to start off with this crazy “Westbrook Dairy” truck….hot rod.  Pikesan digs wagons.  This is one GIANT wagon!  You dig Pike?  Those wheels are probably 20’s, but they look so small with this very vertical Panel rod!  I’m laughing at the lettering “Come smell our dairy air”…get it?  Too funny!  I love this DairyRod!

Custom Truck with green panel paint at Fresno Autorama

This Custom green panel painted truck is so workin’ for me.  The green/white paint with the white walls, custom caps and trick front end makes for such a unique truck.  The black window rubber seal is throwing me off, shouldn’t it be white or chrome?  Who cares though, I love this truck.  The body lines and gaps look perfect.  You wonder how much rides like this get driven. 

T roadster at Fresno Autorama

This T Roadster grabbed my attention when I was cruising through JBurt’s pics.  I think its the grey paint and those big smooth wheels.  I don’t usually like T buckets, especially with the engine cover pieces installed.  But, this car works.  It definitely looks like a traditional build.  This would put a big smile on my face cruising down Route 66. 

 Silver Cadillac Custom at the Fresno Autorama

This is gansta!  Is it a Cadillac?  I’m not sure, but I love it!  It looks like a Merc’ grille. 

Sedan hot rod with cheater slicks and louvers

It’s no secret I love the hot rod Sedans.  But, they gotta be fenderless and chopped.  This black beauty is sporting a rag top and lots of louvers.  The cheater slicks and red touches take this ride over the top.  I dig that red stripe that accents the body line and frenched taillight.  What a cool ride!

That’s all from Fresno Autorama 2010.  Thanks again Kathy for the heads up and putting us in touch with J Burt.

Did you make it out to the Fresno Autorama this year?  What was your favorite ride?


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