Gearing up for Scottsdale Goodguys Show

Some how while trying to make this website and taking care of my family, I’m also working on my Pinto Powered 27 Ford Roadster, “Bonnie”. I thought I’d update everyone on the progress. I’m doing this so that all of the 230 users of My Ride is Me will do the same! We’re talking to our web designer about how to show EVERYONE’s blogs all in one place. That way, we can all keep up with what’s new.

First off, here’s the car… if you haven’t seen it yet, I haven’t done enough self promotion! (hardly possible) This is what it looked like before the 2006 Goodguy’s show.

Bonnie: 2006 Goodguys

That red paint you see on the header is GONE (as soon as it got hot!) and the car hasn’t been that clean since! Plus, the paint (primer really) had faded here and there unevenly, so here’s what I’m trying to finish before the show:

1) Custom dual Weber 44 IDF carbs. Here’s a few pics:

The intake I made (3 years ago!) How the carbs are linkedCarbs on the intake.. looks sweet! Dual purpose-hold tubes and hold throttle cable Mock up of throttle cable plate

The idea here is best said by the guys at Inglese: Weber-carbureted engine to idle smoother, have a slicker “feel” to it a low speeds (particularly if a hot camshaft prevented that feeling before), and generally feel much more powerful throughout the entire rpm range. This is largely because they use an independent-runner manifold, which does not incorporate a plenum. In a typical four two-barrel Weber layout, there is one barrel directly feeding each cylinder without any intercommunication between barrels or cylinders. This totally “isolated runner” design ensures that each cylinder is fed exactly the same as the next, without any chance of charge-robbing or over-feeding. I’m trying to grab some low-rpm torque, so the runners I’m using are longer. We’ll see how that works out!

2) Fix the floor (in prep for an interior that probably won’t make the show) This is pretty straight forward. I’m cutting out the 1/4″ thick ‘freakin’ PIPE that the previous owner put in for a driveshaft hump. I don’t need that much room for the driveshaft, so I’m taking it down and prettying it up some.

img_2709.JPG img_2709.JPG

3) Redo the header (so that it doesn’t hit the body!) to get a little more performance from the engine. In addition to the intake and cam, I’m trying to squeeze some more Torque from this motor. The header tubes should be small enough diameter to keep good exhaust gas velocity at lower rpm, and have a longer primary runner. The header that’s on there now looks cool, but it does nothing for performance. I’ll have to take some more pictures to show my plan for that one.

I’ll post more pictures when I make some progress… that’ll have to be soon or it’ll look exactly the same as last year! *not gonna happen!*

See you at the show. Here’s some info, in case you need it, from the Goodguys web page. will be there and we’ll be taking a TON of pictures!