Bubble-Topped Futuristic Customs from Roth and Winfield

2011 Grand National Roadster Show

Gene Winfield, Reactor, custom show car, bubble-top show car

Bubble topped show cars like the “Reactor” shown here were a staple of the 60’s show car scene back then. Now, they stand out as freakishly-radical customs in a room full of classic customs at the 2011 Grand National Roadster Show.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining!  The gods of custom would strike me down if I bad-mouthed names like Winfield and Roth… But you gotta agree, these are way over the top! I especially like the dragster inspired, and chrome plated of course,  steering wheel. Anyone ever seen a picture of someone sitting inside?

Gene Winfield, custom by gene winfield, Reactor custom show carGene Winfield, Reactor custom, Reactor custom show car, bubble-top show car(Click on a picture to see it full size)

The Reactor, originally known as the “Autorama Special” was a one-off, hand build aluminum bodied custom built by Gene Winfield. The chassis was front wheel drive Citroen with motivation coming from a fully chromed Corvair engine. Hood, doors and lift-up roof were all electrically controlled.

According to a website dedicated to the Piranha, Gene Winfield’s Reactor made quite a splash on the show scene. So much so, Gene toured Hollywood! Before long, the Reactor was seen on Star Trek, Batman and had a featured roll in Bewitched. The following picture is from the Gene Winfield page on the Piranha site.

After the Reactor, Winfield had several cars on TV.

Gene Winfield, Reactor custom car, TV show cars, car on Bewitched

Want more radical, show car  interior and design that’s so ahead of it’s time it’s like an X-box connected to a black and white TV… speaking of which!

Ed Roth,Mysterion, mysterion 2, bubble-top show-car, custom show car interior

This brilliant yellow, bubble topped and fur carpeted, twin big block Ford, wacky custom is Roth’s Mysterion recreated. I didn’t get a chance to speak with the owner and my pops was young when the real Mysterion made it brief appearance on the show scene, but luckily Chris Shelton from Rod and Custom filled in all the details. Read about the Mysterion here.

"Big Daddy" Ed Roth, Ed Roth's Mysterion, wacky show car, Big Daddy Designs

Are these wild custom cars in your strike zone? What was your favorite wacky show car? I’ll try to feature it.

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