Good Morning from Speed Week 2010

Bonneville Salt Flats at the First Day of Speed Week 2010
Bonneville Speed Week 2010, Sunrise, land speed racing

This morning begins the first racing day during Speed Week, and I was up with the sun to see what I could find! What goes on just before hundreds of racers attempt to set a new land speed record?

Speed Week 2010, Studebaker Truck at Bonneville Speed Week, land speed racing,

This record-holding 1949 Studebaker pickup is just waiting to make its first run.

GreaseGirl's 1955 Studebaker on Bonneville Salt Flats

Of course, I couldn’t resist a good photo-op for my 1955 Studebaker’s first voyage onto the salt!

Bonneville Speed Week 2010 Volks Roadster, land speed racing

The Volk’s were doing some last minute adjustment to their roadster.

Bonneville Speed Week 2010 1199 Roadster, land speed racing

And a few others were already lined up and ready to race!

Bonneville Speed Week 2010 Racers Meeting, land speed racing

At the Racer’s Meeting all the driver’s and crews received instruction as heads of SCTA and BNI welcomed us.

Bonneville Speed Week 2010 Starting Line, land speed racing

What will the day hold? How many records will be broken? Keep checking back at for more updates! To hold ya over until then, read over all our Bonneville Salt Flat stories here!

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