Hot Rod Art: Black Camaro Drawing

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It’s been a while since I last drew anything and I really need to get back into it! Full time work gets in the way these days and when I do get time off I end up busy with other stuff so I thought I’d dig out some commissioned drawings I did some time ago to share with you as well as a look at my last piece, the Chevy Camaro Black Concept.

I’ve been a big fan of American Muscle since I was a kid and the past few years has seen a resurgence from the big manufacturers, all of which give a tip of the hat to their original 60s and 70s counterparts,
combined with new aggressive styling, powerful engines, and lots of available mods and options.

Drawing cars, Chevy Camaro SS 2010, hot rod art, car drawings, hot rod drawingsThe new Chevy Camaro is no exception and does it for me bigtime.  When I saw the first shots of the Camaro Black concept I just had to get it down on paper!
There were 3 or 4 initial reference photos I found available on the internet and decided to go with the side/rear three quarter view which is a little change for me as I tend to go for the front/side but this Camaro just looks great from any angle plus I wanted to add some colour.

Yes, colour for me is a dirty word! I’ve used graphite pencil for years and much prefered it’s blending properties to any other medium but as this only required a little splash of red for the rear lights and a little yellow for the bow-tie, I thought I’d give it a go…

Drawing cars, 2010 Camaro SS, car drawings, hot rod art, hot rod drawingsSo, if you read my previous story here Car Drawings or Photos? You choose. you will know how I go about my drawing process.  This was no different other than it took a heck of a lot of 9B pencil to lay down all that black that’s in there.
The colour I added at the rear lights was from a standard red felt-tip pen and coloured pencil, I bought a white gel pen to add the small white dots which gives the effect of the reflective lens. Coloured pencil once again was used for the Chevy badge.

I was pretty pleased with this one in the end, I thought the little touch of colour was needed to break up the mass of black involved and it did the trick, a long time was spent on the wheels too which were very detailed and tricky but again well worth it. Now, just need to sell enough artwork to go buy a real one!!

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