Hot Rod Art Book by Designer Dwayne Vance

Drawing a Hot Rod roadsterThe Hot Rod Art book: Masters of chicken scratch is a book of 13 highly respected and talented artists from the industry.

While I am fairly new to the art and design scene in the Hot Rod world, I know many people in the industry from my years working as a designer for Hot Wheels. (Dwayne designed one of my favorite hot wheels) I now have my own design company and still do design work for Hot Wheels as well as several other companies. I design things from snowmobiles to concepts for video games. I started doing Hot Rod art about a year and a half ago and it only fueled my passion for the automobile. My fascination with cars began at a very early age. I grew up around cars and rebuilt my first muscle car at the age of 16 with my dad. I attended the Art Center College of design and received my degree in transportation design. My professional design career started with Troy Lee Designs in Corona, California, as a designer of high-end motocross protective gear. I then became a senior designer for Mattel, Hot Wheels Division. I developed everything from Hot Wheels to entire lines of toys. I then returned to Troy Lee Designs and eventually began my own company “Future Elements”.

I originally began The Hot Rod Art book as a personal portfolio to showcase my hot rod artwork. Once I started the Hot Rod Art book it motivated me to create some new hot rod art for it. Some of the new material I created for the book is very much my personal taste and is highly influenced by WWII aircraft. They go together so well because they all come from the same era. I combined the aircraft and classic cars to create some unique hot rods that you might see on the slat flats. The first part of the book shows the stages I go through to create different pieces of art. The last half of the book contains 12 other artists from up and coming to seasoned veterans like Steve Stanford, Thom Taylor and Larry Wood. I am always inspired by other artists and decided it would be fitting to include them in the book. I began by asking a few of my friends if they were interested in being in the book and they were thrilled about the idea. I then approached Larry Wood about doing the forward in the book. He suggested I ask Thom Taylor and Steve Stanford. As a result the book went from a personal project to a full blown hot rod art book. So please see for more information and to preorder your book now.

The video below shows just a clip of the CD that’s included with the book.

Hot Rod Art Book Sample Video from Dwayne Vance on Vimeo.

Here’s a peak inside the book… Make sure you pick one up here: Hot Rod Art book

Complete list of artists featured inside Hot Rod Art Book: Masters of Chicken Scratch include Dwayne Vance, Brian Stupski, Randy Ricklefs, John Bell, Eric Brockmeyer, Michael Miernik, Max Grundy, Jimmy Smith, James Owens, Justin Chin, Thom Taylor, Larry Wood, Steve Stanford.