Hot Rod Interior Guy Finishes Own Car!

Hot Rod Model A Shop Truck


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The post man doesn’t go for a walk on his day off and hot rod builders, painters and upholstery guys never get a chance to finish their own cars. That’s almost a rule! That’s why it’s my pleasure to show you the finished product when they do.

This is th 1932 Hot Rod “Shop Truck” is owned by Glenn Kramer of Hot Rod Interiors, located in Glendale Arizona.

Glenn says, “I’ve been doing upholstery since 1980, and decided the best ride for me would be an all around hot rod shop truck that I could use for work & play.”

If you can’t reach Glenn at his website, or cruising his cool new shop truck at the Mesa Cruise or downtown on Central, then head over to his website at or give him a call at 623-872-2242.

Glenn will be the guy grinning ear to ear when you see him and his wife cruising all over in the shop truck. Way to go Glenn!