9 Questions for Pinup Model Kelly Lindahl

Hot Rod Pinup Kelly Lindahl

Continuing to get to know hot rod and pinup model photographer Trent Sherrill, let’s get to know his girlfriend, pinup model, hair stylist and makeup artist out of New York: Kelly Lindahl.

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Describe the best date you ever had.

My Best Date was when my boyfriend Trent, flew into NY then took me to Yankees Stadium, (which I’ve never been to a baseball game ever) but we got sushi. then we walked around NYC even though I live/work here it was nice to spend time with him and show him around a bit.

How about the worst date? 

One time I was on a date and the guy I guess “googled” my parents name, I guess he got their names off my Facebook , he thought he found out what they did for a living, it was creepy, never saw him again.

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What’s your favorite car ever and what’s your favorite that you’ve actually owned?

I like 1964 Impala’s, really anything that’s a lowrider, or I really like low, big kustom cars. For my favorite car I’ve owned, it has to be my Jeep. It got me A to B through all weathers when I lived in Chicago.

What about the best and worst photo shoot?

Well I’ve only shot with close friends and my boyfriend, never a stranger/new face, so I’ve been lucky enough to not have an awkward/weird shoot, but my favorite shoot was when I was in Santa Cruz / San Jose with Trent. I got to meet 3 car owners Edward, Ronnie, Ivan and all of them were funny and really nice to me… most of us went to eat in Santa Cruz after we shot with their cars and the cars were great and the food was the same. Just being in California helped it be my favorite so far.

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What was your first Pinup shoot like?

My first real shoot was in Upper State New York, with Trent. We shot with his friends 1953 Ford and I did some hair styling as well that day. At first, I didn’t really know how the car shoots went, I never really did one like Trent does, but he showed me proper ways to pose with the style of shooting he does. It was easier than I thought and I’ve grown to understand it.

What Got You Into Modeling?

Before I met Trent, I never really was into modeling, never saw myself as a model, but one of my friends was his past customer and he saw me though Facebook, then he contacted me to see if I could shoot with his friend’s cars in NY. That’s how I got started with all of this.

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What Is Your Favorite Type of Wardrobe for Shoots?

My favorite wardrobe, I’d have to say, is probably the tight fitting dresses! I love vintage dresses and the fact that I can choose from a variety of dresses that Bettie Paige clothing has + others. I get to wear dresses I love for FREE!!

What Is Your Favorite place you’ve traveled from Modeling?

California is my favorite because I love it there and I get to visit northern California and visit with Trent.

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What has been your biggest success or shoot so far in your career?

My biggest success is seeing myself in posters that Trent has made and I know I’m going to be printed in an overseas magazine in Europe. It’ll be nice to have.

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To book a shoot with Kelly, better get in touch with Trent Sherrill. You know you want to! Thank you Trent and Kelly for these great shots!

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