“Hot Rod Ramblings” StanceWorks = Low is a Lifestyle

Mike Burroughs' 5 series BMW from StanceWorksIf you wanna know what “My Ride is Me” is all about, this car shows the spirit perfectly.  This is like the 3rd look for this car in the last year or two from what I understand.

This ride is super low, clear coated metal, and a cool tigershark paintjob.

The owner of this 5 series BMW, Mike Burroughs, runs StanceWorks website and forum.  I recently picked up some stickers from the site that say “StanceWorks-Low is a Lifestyle”.  Cars are more than mere transportation, they can and should be extensions of ourselves, a Lifestyle.  Some may hate this car, but I love it and hope you can appreciate it too.  Whether you’re into traditional hot rods, european exotics, aircooled vdubs or muscle cars, “its all about the Stance!”


Side shot of the Tigershark Bimmer from StanceWorksSuper low and stanced