How-To: Custom 1960s Ford Falcon

Custom Inspiration for your Ford Falcon

Brian Stupski’s got a custom eye for anything with wheels, and wouldn’t ya know it? This time he turned his styled eye on one of our favorites, the Ford Falcon. I’ve got a 1963 Ford Falcon wagon I’m working on now. Maybe I can swing some of these custom tricks to apply to my Falcon. How about you?


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To have Problem Child Kustoms trick out your car, get in touch with Brian at Until then, drool over these great ideas for one trick Falcon! Stay tuned, we’re trying to reach FineLine Kustom and Restoration in Onalaska, WI to get some periodic updates of the Falcon build. Yep! This car is under construction now.

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Here’s a shot of the interior Brian did… your basic two-seater…

ford falcon, custom car, custom upholstery


Under the hood? Nothing special… check this out!

ford falcon, custom engine bay, custom car design

Last, you need to see some renderings of the final car build. This is gonna be one amazing car!

Hot rod art, ford falcon, custom 60s falcon

hot rod art, custom ford falcon


To get your dream car drawn, contact Problem Child Kustoms at