80 Icons of Speed and Style All For Sale

Custom car - 1965 Dodge "Deora" by Alexander Brothers

1965 Dodge "Deora" by Alexander Brothers

As much as we love our home-built cars that we’ve poured blood, sweat, and sometimes tears into – most of us recognize we don’t have the skill or talent to produce cars along the caliber that greats such as Boyd Coddington, Ed Roth, Harry Bradley, and the Alexander Brothers do. Which is why its such good news that coming this September we all have a chance to own one of these “Icons of Speed and Style”. Yep, that’s right. Nearly 80 cars, all from a single-owner collection, will be up for grabs in a no-reserve auction billed “Icons of Speed and Style” held September 26, 2009 at The Peterson Museum in Los Angeles, California by RM Auctions. Whether its speed, style, or history you’re into, this well-rounded collection offers it all.

Legendary cars such as the famous Dodge “Little Red Wagon” wheel-standing drag truck, the dominating Ray Allen LS6 Chevelle Convertible, legendary “Big John” Mazmanian’s Corvette gasser, the original “Road Agent” show car by Ed “Big Daddy” Roth as well as famous customs from the Ayala Brothers, Sonny Mazza, the Alexander Brothers, George Barris, Daryl Starbird and Boyd Coddington will be on the block going to the highest bidder.

Each of these cars on offer are cultural icons of the roads and race tracks of America because they encompass every aspect of American engineering, racing ingenuity and cutting edge customization”, said Ian Kelleher, President and COO of RM Auctions.

So start saving your pennies now!

I invite you to join me in LA at the auction – catch all the bidding and event details by visiting RM Auctions at www.rmauctions.com. And check back often at MyRideIsMe.com because we’ll be featuring a number of cars that’ll be up for auction. If you’re lucky one of these could be in your garage, but until September… feast your eyes on these beautiful rides!
(All photos courtesy of RM Auctions and Darin Schnabel)

hot rod - 1932 Ford Coupe "Avenger" by Don Tognotti

1932 Ford Coupe "Avenger" by Don Tognotti

Custom Car - 1940 Mercury Westergard Custom

1940 Mercury Westergard Custom

Salt Flat Racer -1951 Ford Tom Beatty Belly-Tank Lakester

1951 Ford Tom Beatty Belly-tank Lakester

Nostalgia Drags -"Little Red Wagon" Wheelstander by Frank Wylie

1965 Dodge A100 "Little Red Wagon" Wheelstander by Frank Wylie

Custom Cars - 1940 Ford Valley Custom Convertible

1940 Ford Valley Custom Convertible

Nostalgia Drags - 1955 Chevrolet "Millers Beauty" F/Gas

1955 Chevrolet "Millers Beauty" F/Gas Drag Racing Car

Hot rod - 1929 Ford "Silver Bullet" Model A Roadster by Boyd Coddington

1929 Ford "Silver Bullet" Model A Roadster by Boyd Coddington

Nostalgia Funny Car - 1969 Chevrolet Nova "Jungle Jim"

1969 Chevrolet Nova "Jungle Jim" Funny Car

Custom Show Rod - 1850 "Boothill Express" by Ray Fahrner

1850 "Boothill Express" Custom Show Rod by Ray Fahrner

Boss 429 - 1969 Mercury Cycline  NASCAR

1969 Mercury Cycline Boss 429 NASCAR

Custom Car -1951 Chevrolet "La Jolla" by Harry Bradley

1951 Chevrolet "La Jolla" Custom 2-Door Coupe by Harry Bradley

Custom Car -1964 "Road Agent" by Ed Roth

1964 "Road Agent" Custom by Ed Roth

Drag Racing - 1974 Ford "Ohio George" Pinto Turbocharged

1974 Ford "Ohio George" Pinto Turbo 4 banger Drag Racing Car