Jack Howerton – Behind the 2012 AMBR Winner

Background and Details on the 2012 AMBR Winner

How did editors and writers work before Google? I searched for some info on the man who started the 2012 America’s Most Beautiful Roadster winning hot rod: Jack Howerton. I found this great video of “Jackie”  from back in the day:

YouTube Preview Image

You can really see the expression of Jack’s racing past in the AMBR car.

Then, I found this great video by Cars.tv from the SoCal shop interviewing Pete Chapouris about the Indy Speedster following the shakedown runs. Needless to say, Pete likes it…

YouTube Preview Image

So here it is: America’s Most Beautiful Roadster: Bill Lindig’s Indy Speedster

America's Most Beautiful Rodster, Grand National Rodster Show,

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