June Pinup of the Month – Zoe Scarlett

Zoe Scarlett, Pinup, hot rod pin up
I first bumped into Ms. Zoe Scarlett while looking for a great hot rod pinup picture to use for the very first MyRideisMe.com flier ever made. Graphic artist and Photographer Dirk Behlau kindly let the tiny web start-up use his image. That black hot rod with stunning blond featured Zoe Scarlett who is now the June Pinup of the Month.

* How’d you become a pinup? Is pinup big in Switzerland?

I took my first pin-up pictures in my boyfriend’s garage on a very cold day in January. I wanted to surprise him with some cute pictures when he returned from his holiday. I never thought that this would be my future career! At the same time, Switzerland’s most famous newspaper, BLICK, advertised a contest called ‘the cutest neighbor’.

I spontaneously decided to take part in the contest and sent in the pictures I’d made for my boyfriend. Two days later, there was a huge picture of me on the cover of Switzerland’s BLICK! Well, that was the beginning of my pin-up modeling career!

* What’s your favorite pinup picture ever?

Pinup model Zoe Scarlett with 1932 Ford pickup primer red That’s a hard question, during my career as a pin up model and burlesque performer I’ve been booked for a lot of shootings, every single one has a special place in my memory. The first shooting with Dirk Behlau in Hockenheim, where I was wearing a with dress and I was in front of a red 32 pick up was great, I also appreciated my first beach shooting with Ama Lea in L.A. I also liked working with animals for my calendar. It was fascinating to work with a leopard, spider snakes, camels and others.

* Are you into cars and the pinup “culture” or is it just a job?

Zoe Scarlett, Pinup, hot rod pin up
My passion for the 1950’s lifestyle and classic cars began at a very young age. As a child, I was taken to flea markets, car shows and races with my family. I spent a lot of my spare time at my Dad’s Speed Shop. My mom is a passionate 50’s furniture and accessory collector and my older brother lives in Florida and works as a mechanic for a Racing Team. So I was kind of born in to it.

* What’s a funny thing about you that nobody’d ever guess???

I use to be a mechanic in a drag race team for about 2 years. We traveled around Europe whit a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air the team was called Roofers Toy ;)

* What are you working on now?

As a pinup model I represent premium brands. As a example for the world-brand  “Cynar” (Campari Gruppo), I started an exclusive burlesque-show called the Cynarina. With an erotic, glamorous and stirring mixture of vaudeville, show and musical I put a spell on my audience. In an oversized “Cynar-glass” I perform the art of burlesque in perfection.

Zoe Scarlett with an custom 2 seat Mustang - this is Switzerland!Where can we see more of your pinup hotness?

You should book one of my Burlesque shows, then you can see me wherever you want!

Zoe Scarlett’s websites…

OFFICIAL PAGE: www.zoescarlett.com

** Facebook Fan Page ** Myspace **  Follow Zoe on Twitter


Our friend Dirk Behlau: http://www.pixeleye.de/

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