Kids and Hot Rods – The Youth Crew

Kai's awesome 62 Falcon Wagon ConceptIf you haven’t figured out what is about, maybe this story will help. In speaking with Kai, also known as falconizer_62, I found out he’s having a few kids from a local church’s youth group help him with (you guessed it) his 62 Falcon Wagon Project.

Kai’s written a few blogs in his garage. Did you know you can do that? He’s quite the craftsman, or maybe as you’ll see, all the credit goes to the kids! I’ll let Kai tell the whole story, but just so you know where his heart is, I’ll give you a piece:

One of my favorite things about building a car or taking on any project of that size is the community that is created around the construction of it. When you work on a project of this magnitude and with as many high school kids that have stepped foot into the garage, every step along the way and stage of the project has significant and specific memories of conversations and people. Many of you probably do not know, but I have bilateral nerve damage in my arms, and lost the use of both my arms for about five years. During this time, I could do nothing, so I ended up helping my wife with the youth group at our church. What a cool experience to get to know other people’s teenagers :-). Most of them actually listen when they’re not yours. However, it was sad to see so much potential in those kids, and not a whole lot of output.

To read the rest of the story, please CLICK HERE to go to falconizer_62’s garage then click on “My Blog” to read it. Thanks Kai!