Kim Falcon – August Pinup of the Month

Hot Rod Pinup of the Month:

Hot rods and pinups are like peas and carrots, so I’m starting a new feature at called Pinup of the month. I’m lucky to have the lovely Kim Falcon as our first for the month of August.

In Kim’s own words and from her website

“…but for dad, he’s slipping you an extra couple bucks for gas money.”

“I Love music. Pin-up modeling, Photography, ROCK-N-ROLL!! Vegetarian food!!, Driving around town in the 64 Cadillac Hearse listening to the Misfits, My children! Love Rockabilly!!!! Love Tiger Army! Absolutely obsessed with roses!!!! I love to travel the world.”

What she doesn’t say (pure modesty, I guess) is that she’s super cool and all over the place in the world of pinup modeling. She was mentioned as #6 amoung modern pinups by a cool site I just found called Here’s a link: Top Pinups; that list includes all my favorites like Zoe Scarlett, Heidi Van Horne and Dayna Delux.

Even cooler? She’s also the proud owner of this 1962 Ford Falcon. A Falcon girl too? Damn! Can she get any hotter? I guess I’m warped or, like I said before, have an extra W chromosome (I dig wagons…) Here’s a link to a blog about some Hot Falcons at

Do about this photo. It was shot for Moon Eyes 2005, their Christmas party (I’m guessing) by pinup photographer Mitzi Valenzuela with MUAH (makeup and hair for those of us who don’t do modelling!) by Angela Warrick.

So please enjoy this picture of Kim with this sit’n low custom. To me, this pic epitomizes pinups. She’s hot, the car is cool and you wonder if you messed with her if she’d drop that cig and kick your ass. Bring her home to mom, maybe not… but for dad, he’s slipping you an extra couple bucks for gas money.

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Courtesy of Mitzi Valenzuela MUAH by Angela Warrick