Lambrecht Auction – Even the Ride Home was Eventful!

Classics for sale on Nebraska Farms


Story and photos by Jim Volgarino

1951 Nash Healey, superman car

What is this? A 1951 Nash Healey which, did you know, was the same as the car driven by Superman in the original series! (Does that make Jim OLD??!!)


Pierce, Nebraska was the scene last month of an incredible auction consisting of probably the largest collection of original survivor cars that have been all in one place in the past 50 years. This was the Lambrecht Auto Auction.


Tiny Pierce had never seen anything quite like the spectacle that drew 20,000+ buyers and gawkers to the 80 acre plot where the 500 vehicles were sold off to the highest bidders. But that wasn’t the only action happening!  Traveling from nearby Norfolk, Nebraska to Pierce was a show all of its own. Hundreds more vehicles, some easily as rare and collectible as those that fell under the auctioneer’s gavel. From fully restored muscle to street rods, the entire 14 mile distance between the two towns was lined with enough iron to make any true car lover just quiver with joy. Here are just a few…


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pro street nova, pro street hot rods, chevy nova

Dig’n on Pro-street Novas? How about a pair of them?

1976 Jensen Healey GT, jensen healey for sale

And do you know this one? The weird wagon is actually a 1976 Jensen Healey GT. We know the owner if you’re looking… he’s the same guy who owns the 1951 Nash Healey


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