Layton, Utah Burger Stop Car Show

_dsc2499Layton, Utah Burger Stop Car Show - JC Hackett's Rock-n-Roll Cruisin' OldiesLocal small town car shows and cruise-ins are at the heart of the American Hot Rodding hobby. Layton, Utah is a good example. The cars at this show cover the gamut of usual suspects along with some nice surprises.

This show is a monthly event during the summer months and is part of the JC Hackett’s Rock-n-Roll Cruisin’ Oldies car show tour in northern Utah and surrounding area.  The 2009 Calendar can be found on the site in Excel.

I hope you dig these photos. Check out the gallery below. I was toting around my 3 sons (ages 6, 4 and 2), so I didn’t get to stop and talk to any car owners and get more info on my favorites. Gotta pass on the hot rod blood, right!?

Have you gone to a local cruise in spot or a big national hot rod event yet this year? If so and you took some pics, let us know about it. We’d like to see what the hot rodding scene is doing in your neck of the woods.