Marco’s Midnight Drifter: Nissan 240SX SE Coupe

As I mentioned in the blog about the Rocky Mountain Raceway’s Midnight Drift event, I met Marco and his friend Rudy in the pits during the Midnight Drag and Drift event. 

 First of all, to you hot rodders out there who don’t YET get drifting, let me tell you about the Nissan 240SX.  In a way, this car in Japan is similar in following and cult status as a Mustang or Camaro.  The similarities may be more than you think.  Rear wheel drive setup, Coupe body styling, small back seat, huge aftermarket support and fun to drive status.  The differences are aplenty as well though.  Mustangs get a solid rear axle and V6 and V8 engines and weigh 3200-3600lbs.  The Nissan 240SX (or 180SX or Silvia in Japan) comes with an independent rear suspension and 2.4L 4 cylinder (turbo 2.0L outside Japan) naturally aspirated truck engine in the USA and weighs about 2800lbs. 

S13 coupe, RMR Midnight Drift, Nissan 240sx SE, drifting, Silvia

So, there’s a little history on the 240 for ya.  Marco has owned his S13 (S13 is like what the Mustang guy’s equivalent of SN95 or S197 chassis codes for the 1989-94 240SX, S14 for 1995-1998 and S15 for 1999-2004) for about 6 months or so.  He bought it for a measly $700 bucks. 

S13, 240sx SE, Enkei mesh wheels, drifting

I asked Marco what other cars he’s owned and how he got into drifting.  Marco said that his friends drift and that’s how he got interested.  Besides a Nissan Pathfinder, this is Marco’s first sports coupe.  He’s already begun modifying it to make it his own (My Ride is Me…get it?).

S13 240sx SE, Midnight Drift event, Rocky Mountain Raceway, drifting, Nissan Silvia

The 15×7 Enkei mesh wheels were bought from Marco’s drifter friend.  These are a nice old school Japanese drifting touch.  They give it that 80’s performance style.

S13 SE coupe, drifting, Nissan 240SX, KA24DE

Marco’s S13 coupe is the more sought after SE model, equipped with a spoiler, ABS brakes and sunroof.  These are Japanese taillights.  Marco has also added lowering springs and had the rear diff welded.  That’s right.  Welding the diff is the amateur drifters “poor man’s posi” and it works well, until the weld gives out I guess. 

S13 coupe, 240SX SE coupe, drifting, drifter, RMR Midnight Drift

This Midnight Drift event was Marco’s first official (you know you’ve been playing around at industrial zones in the middle of the night haha) drift event.  He had a good time and was just trying to get the hang of getting the car sideways.  In all the drifting stories on and that I read, practice is the only way to learn.  Well, practice and a lot of tires.  LOL

Thanks to Marco for sharing his story with us.  I’m glad I ran into you.  I look forward to seeing you and your car progress at the Midnight Drift events.


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