May Pinup of the Month – Ludella Hahn

Hot Rod Pinup Ludella Hahn

If you’re a fan of Modern Pinup and you told me you don’t know who Ludella Hahn is, I’d ask you what rock you were living under. If an award for “America’s Sweetheart of Fetish Models” existed, I’m pretty sure Ludella would win it, atleast in my book… She’s been in Retro Lovely magazine numerous times, and can be seen modeling on countless Pin Up clothing sites. Besides that, Ludella stars in many hot, sizzling, and tantalizing burlesque shows and it’s really no wonder why. Ludella boasts a curvaceous physique with a bright and sparkling imagination to match. Anything different and unique is what fuels this Pin Up and really gets her engine roarin’. This Pinup gone wild has an affinity for oddities or as Ludella calls them ‘eccentricities’ and has a major case of  ‘puppet love’ – which you will understand after you read my interview with her.You can check out her photos from recent shows on her website which is linked at the end of this story.

Pin Up Girl, Pin Up Model, Hot rod Pinup, Fetish Model Ludella

You have an amazingly diverse portfolio of work. What is your favorite type of modeling?

Thank you.  I don’t think I can pick just one favorite. I think this is why my portfolio has the diversity it has: I have varied tastes and a need to satiate them all. Modeling is an expression of the characters that make me and the characters I’d like to play.

Pin Up Girl, Fetish Model Ludella, Pin Up Model, Hot rod Pinup, Hot Rod Model, Pin-ups

Photo shoot scenario: Your only props are a man, a car, red lipstick and a bottle of motor oil. What do you do?

Hmmm… I think I would go for the “gal leaning in to apply her lipstick in the side view mirror at a service station with the service boy spilling motor oil in the background while checking out her rump” scenario. ;)

Fetish Model Ludella, Hot Rod Model, Pin-ups, pinup photography

Get this print signed at Ludella’s web-store here.

Let’s be shallow for a moment. I have noticed that you have a sexy, curvaceous frame, including a voluptuous rump. Is that your favorite asset? What is your favorite thing about your physique?

Pun intended? ;) I would consider my rump to be one of my best assets, yes. I used to get made fun of in grade school when puberty gave me a butt, hips, and thighs. It wasn’t until college that I finally realized that these characteristics made me beautiful. I’m very thankful for my genetics; I like how I’m built.

Fetish Model Ludella,Pin-ups, pinup photography

For the sake of keeping it interesting, lets say you just pulled off a major heist at the MGM a la, Oceans 11. What is your choice for a getaway car?

My getaway car would be a taxi, to better blend in. Then, once successfully escaping, I would reward myself with the purchase of a 1957 black Chevy Nomad.

Pin Up Girl, Pin Up Model, Fetish Model Ludella, pinup pictures
Do you find yourself more intrigued by the sexiness of vampires or the violent, gnarliness (I think I just made up a word) of zombies?

Vampires. I have been a vampire fan for a long time. I’m a little upset about how trendy they currently are but I still have a soft spot for a sharp pair of fangs!

Hot Rod Model, Pin-ups, pinup photography

You have a puppet that you use in your “Misters and Misses: Don’t miss this” show. What’s his name and what would he say about you if he were to come alive?

His name is Charlie. If he were to talk about me, he might be upset about me not playing with him more since I’ve grown up (I’ve had him since I was a kid), but I think he would comment on being happy to still be involved in my life. He might also comment on me needing to eat more than just sweets and getting more sleep on a regular basis.

Fetish Model Ludella,Pin Up Girl, Hot rod Pin-up, Hot Rod Model, Pin-ups, pinup photography

Let’s talk about these ‘oddities’ that you are into. Are we talking a secret room full of bottled pig embryos? Antique electrocution devices?

I have a mechanical ape head named Henry, a two foot long lobster puppet (that has made quite a few appearances in photo shoots), and Charlie all hanging out in my living room with a stuffed squirrel and paintings by my Nana on the walls. Maybe “eccentricities” is a better word to use. I have eclectic taste and a fondness for zebra print, mahogany, and antique ceramic elephants.

If you can’t get enough of Ludella, you’re in luck. You can visit her very own website at or catch up at  Facebook.

Photos 1, 4, 7 by Pinup and hot rod photographer Trent Sherrill

Photos 2,3,5,6 by Evan Smith Photography

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