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Hot Rod pics at MyRideisMe.comI met Keven Carter doing what I do best… surfing the web for the best Hot Rod and bike sites out there. Keven’s been sharing his work at Photobucket where old ladies looking for pics of grandkid and quilting pics browse. I talked him into letting have a few. It’s a cool mix of black and whites and color shots of mostly period correct style hot rods and kustoms with a few pinups mixed in just for fun. Keven shared this brief bio… Hot Rod pics at MyRideisMe.comEver since I was a young boy I wanted to grow up and own a car with fins. Since the automotive world looks to never go back down that road, I was compelled to look to the past. I have always been fascinated with old cars and vintage design elements, from packaging to advertising. I’m a graduate of The Center for Creative Studies (now College of Creative Studies, CCS) in Hot Rod pics at MyRideisMe.comDetroit, Michigan where I received my bachelors of fine art with a focus in Animation. My creative endeavors aren’t limited to animation, but rather they span from Video installations, Sound Design, Film Production, Music, Photography, Graphic Design, and even Painting. My focus here at is to display Hot Rod pics at MyRideisMe.commy visual arts of what has inspired me as a native Detroiter. My muse can be found in traditional tattoos, vintage Halloween decorations, automobiles of nearly any age. I’m a self confessed junk collector and have often been seen picking through your trash and loading it into my truck.To learn a little more, check out Keven’s Myspace Page. I’ve inserted just a few of my favorites pictures from what Keven sent over. Please make him feel welcome by visiting his home page at In addition to the pics, he does graphic design and has this print for sale for $25. Drive Wrench Repeat

The rest of his pics can be seen in the photo gallery (Click here). Dig it! Thanks Keven!

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