New Gallery of Pinup Supermodel Dayna DeLux

Photo by Paul Baken
Photo by Paul Baken

After featuring the beautiful and sexy pinup Dayna Delux as our October Pinup of the Month, I was able to persuade Dayna to share a few more pics for a feature gallery in the pinup model gallery.

The pictures come from a few different sources. If you’re looking for a photographer or just more pinup images, these are a good place to start:

Mitzi and Co (Look for more pictures from Mitzi soon!)

Paul Baken (I could find a link)

And quite a few pics from Roy Varga at Varga Photography.

Are you a pinup model? Want your own gallery? Please send a few sample pics to moc.eMsiediRyMnull@spuniP

Make sure your pics are WITH CARS (or sometimes bikes) and include credits for the pictures.

We’re also looking for the next, Pinup of the month. You don’t have to be as well known as Dayna DeLux and Kim Falcon, just get a super pic of yourself. Thanks!

Now head on over to the pinup model gallery!