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Hot Rod Pinup Nikki Napalm

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I recently got the chance to talk with Nikki Napalm, the lovely pinup model you see here. We met Nikki when she entered our pinup contest to win a coveted spot in Retro Lovely magazine. Although Nikki didn’t win our contest this time, she proved to us she could do it on her own, with her fiery hair, colorful tattoos, sex appeal and a rockin’ personality. Nikki landed her own spread in issue FIVE of Retro Lovely with these bright and brilliant images by DCImagery. Purchase your own copy here and enter code MRIM to save $2 .

Nikki talks to me about all kinds of things, and explains why she may not be who we think she is, in her photos. Read my interview with Nikki Napalm below, and check out some great eye candy.

We see pin up girl/alt model – Nikki Napalm in your photos (super hot and artistic). Tell us who you are when your not posing in front of the lens.

I’m a total goody two shoes. You’d never guess by the way I look, but I’m religious, I’ve never smoked, drank alcohol, or done drugs.  I’m a loyal woman with a heart of gold and a good head on her shoulders.  I like the shock value and contrast of my look with my value systems.  I’m very focused on my future and want to make sure I have a clear head to see it through.  Being healthy from the inside out is important to me, I feel like I have a lot to live for and a lot to look forward to and I don’t need anything getting in my way.

Nikki Napalm Hot Rod Model,hot rod pinup, pin up girl, pinup model, pin-ups, tattooed pin up, pin up photography

We hear of guys crushing on girls with red hair. What’s your deal with red headed guys, why do you find them irresistible??

Some people think it’s silly, but I have a mad thing for redheaded, fair-skinned, freckled guys… gingers.  I guess you could call it somewhat of a fetish, but it’s innocent.  To me, those features are rare and exotic… and if he’s tall and tattooed, he can just about stop my heart!  There’s one fella in particular that I’m looking for too, but I don’t know his name.  I just have seen him at a couple car shows and have been too shy to go up and talk to him.

Nikki Napalm pin up girl,hot rod pinup, pin up girl, pinup model, pin-ups, tattooed pin up, pin up photography

So tell us how geeky can you get? Star Wars Geeky or World of Warcraft Geeky?

Haha, neither!  I’m a horror geek!  I totally nerd out on scary movies.  Some of my favorite films are Hellraiser (1, and 2), Re-Animator, Evil Dead, Dead Alive, Dawn of the Dead, Return of the Living Dead, and Creepshow.  I live for 80‘s cheesy slasher horror. The more blood and guts the better. The 1980’s seem to be when the melding of a decent plot and good special-FX makeup came into play. Before that, you could just tell how fake everything was, or the story line wasn’t very interesting, the movie was too slow or long, etc. I’m equally into sci-fi and suspense though too; it’s the best when a director combines all those elements, like the movie CUBE: that’s my all time favorite movie.

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