OneLap Camaro Wins thanks to a Red Top Optima Battery!

We spotlighted the 1st Gen Chevy Camaro RS sponsored by Optima Batteries a couple months ago in a blog (click the link to check it out) when it was being prepared for the One Lap of America 8 day long grueling competition.  The One Lap (it used to be called the Cannonball Run) of America makes the race cars drive themselves from track to track (3500 miles total) and then expects them to race hard at the track.  That’s right, no trailers.  How did it do in its first year at the race?  Keep reading…

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Here is the updated livery for the One Lap event.  Looks just like PCK Studio’s rendering/T-shirt.

This Pro-Touring built Camaro RS won its class, which is called American Vintage.  This was its first One Lap race, so the fact that the car won its class (which competed against a 1981 Camaro that has run the event 20+ times before) is really a big deal.

OneLapCamaro, small block chevy, LS7, 427ci, Camaro RS, Pro-Touring Camaro
This is the Katech prepared 427ci LS7 Corvette Z06 powerplant to propels the OneLapCamaro.

The team of James Shipka and car owner David Pozzi had a pretty crazy 8 days.  At one point David became dehydrated and had 9-1-1 dialed on his cell, but James convinced him to keep on going, they were very close to taking the points lead.  Then to add to the craziness, the alternator took a dump.  Luckily, the Camaro was fitted with a Red Top Optima Battery.  It got them 25 miles on the battery power alone.  In their efforts to figure out the problem, they started the car over and over without a hitch.  Wow!

OneLapCamaro, Pro-Touring Camaro, Goodguys Muscle Machine of the Year
It’s been a winning past year for the OneLap’Maro.  It also won the 2009 Goodguys Muscle Machine of the Year.  I personally dig the solid red color versus the red and silver livery.  It just looks so much cleaner, but I get the sponsor thing.  Shoot!  I’d run whatever color a sponsor wanted if I was in the same spot.

A well purpose-built Camaro, a tenacious crew and one Red Top Optima Battery makes for a winning combination, no doubt about it.

I’d really like to attend the One Lap of America competition at one of these days.  It’s on my growing bucket list.


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