Open Invitation to All Car Types – Lowriders

RIP Jae Bueno.


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Visiting you’ll notice that it’s pretty heavy on Hot Rods. What can I say? That’s what I like most, that’s what I photograph most and hot rod shows are my scene. But… is NOT limited to any one type of car. Not at all. It’s more then a URL, My Ride is Me is the theme of the site. What is it about your car that describes you? It’s always something! You didn’t just HAPPEN to like lifted Jeeps or 1970 Chevelles or 64 Fairlanes. There’s a reason you say, “That’s my ride.”

Lowriders from

Case in point for this blog is Lowriders. I dig’m. Would I ever own one? Maybe not, but so what! I can still appreciate them as sweet custom cars that at times have the most intricate paint to be found on any car. Whatever your opinion is, there’s no doubt that the owners of these rides love their cars and they no doubt tell you something about who’s driving them.


Bad black and white lowrider photo

jaebueno.comI haven’t had a chance to photograph many lowriders, so I turned to my new friend Jae for these shots. He’s an avid poster at flickr and he’s got more shots on his myspace page. But to find out more about him and the photos he takes go to his WordPress blog at


Jae doesn’t just shoot lowriders, although he’s obvious got a great eye for them, he shoots whatever strikes him and does some sweet photoshop work to make the shots really pop! I’m a fan. By checking out other photographers and how frame the car and what they do with colors or custom frames, it’s a great chance to learn.Bitch’n lowriders from I know I’ve learned alot from looking at Swanee’s pictures.


So to Jae and his buddies and all the low rider owners out there, please stop by and check out I’d like to know what you think. I’d also like guys in that scene to blog at instead of free bloggers like WordPress and Blogger. Anyone interested? Please contact me! Leave a comment and I’ll know who you are.


Until then, Jae’s got alot to see for lowrider show coverage:

Scrape on the Lake

Together CC Azusa Car Show

Imperials & Techniques

Then, until we can get some lowriders here, you’ll have to search out Flickr. here’s a couple I found: bob merco & Kid Duece


I hope to see some lowrider members soon. If ain’t your thing, let us know what you’re looking for, maybe I can swing it.