Pin Up? Mechanic? Say Hello to Grease Girl.

Hot Rod Girl, grease girl, Many of you wrenchin’ around have been doing it since you had a baby bottle in your mouth. When you were out in the garage learning what a radiator was I was over at Miss Sally’s ballet class turning pirouettes. That’s right, I’m a girl – and not exactly your average grease monkey. I know lots of you fellas think ladies are only around to look pretty – and while I may not be too hard on the eyes – I’m not coming around just to pose on your shiny (or primered) hood. I’m here to get under it.

Sparkin’ my under-hood adventures is my 1955 Studebaker Champion. After wanting a classic car for years, I finally leaped in a couple of years ago during a move from car-less San Francisco to car-necessary Los Angeles. Now I don’t know about you, but it’s my opinion that you shouldn’t drive a classic if you don’t want to work on it. And I wanted to…the only thing standing in my way was the fact that the only thing I’d ever done to a car was change a tire (and even that somewhat unsuccessfully).

When I picked “Stude” up in Utah she had an original Studebaker V8 engine. My very first job was to put back together the Carter carburetor that had already been taken apart. After puzzling it around for awhile I ended up picking up a new Edelbrock instead. Next up was installing a new fuel pump, which seemed to go smoothly until I found out later that the gasket had gotten twisted when I put the pump in.

Girl and her hot rod StudebakerNow that I have ya’ll thinking I’m a complete idiot – I’ll let you in on something. Ready?! Not everyone was born working in a garage! Not everyone knows what a manifold is or even the difference between a V6 and V8! Crazy, huh!?

Regardless of my ignorance, “Stude” eventually did get on the road – although not without a little help (okay a LOT of help – that original engine had to come out and was replaced by a 383 Chevy.) In fact she was driven for the first time mere hours before taking off alone on a cross-desert trip to last years Viva Las Vegas. (Keep an eye out for us at this year’s Viva!)

I’ve come a long way from changing a tire – and am learning new things all the time. I’m making it my job to share those new things with the rest of you. Because we weren’t all born with wrenches in our hands – and heck, if I can save some of your male egos by keeping you from looking like knuckleheads well then that’s great. And if I can recruit a few other ladies to the garage you wouldn’t mind that would ya fellas?!

Grease Girl getting dirty!So now that ya’ll know me stop by my Grease Girl’s Garage or blog and say “howdy” – and watch for my upcoming articles on You’ll be able to learn along with me and see things from my viewpoint (or just see me!) All you old pros can keep me in line and make sure I’m not doing anything stupid. All the rest of you might be able to learn a thing or two…even it if it is from a girl.