January Pin Up of the Month – Crissy Henderson

Hot Rod Pinup Crissy Henderson

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After a short break, Pinup of the Month is back and hot as ever with the sizzling Crissy Henderson. With pinup photography by Trent Sherrill, we can’t miss here.

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Being so close to Christmas, I had to ask… What’s your favorite Christmas you can remember?

Everyone road tripping to my grandparents in Kansas for a few days until Christmas. The whole family would help my grandpa with morning farm chores and then we’d eat breakfast together then open gifts! I miss those days where the whole family got together and had a meal!

White Christmas or sunny Christmas? Has to be a white one! Snow is fun!

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Trent’s photos seem to bring out the best in women, what makes a hot, vintage styled photo for you?
Ive only ever shot pinup pics with Trent. He’s amazing at what he does! I love the old school looks! They’re all hot!

We gotta ask, are you a car girl or do you just see the hot rods as just another prop?
I love the way a car looks and sounds – other than that I’m pretty lost when it comes to the parts that make it look and sound they way it does… haha

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You were in Maxim magazine’s “Hometown Hottie” search in Texas right? Is it true, “Don’t mess with Texas”?
Haha! Yes years ago… I’m actually on the cover of Playboy Lingerie for FEB/MAR 2012 issue coming out January 3rd, so get a copy! Texans are badass what can i say :P

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You’re on vacation:

Best friend or just the right man? both

Disneyland crowds or sand between your toes? Sand

Steak and red wine or Fries and a large Coke? depends on my mood

Relaxing massage or bungee jumping and skydiving? Massage!!!!!!! haha

pin up girls, pinups girls, pinup pics

Fill in the blanks: I once knew a _______ who would put ______ on ______!

I once knew a girl who would put pickles on ice cream! Gross! (I think this might be Crissy??)

I see you want to be a song writer? What type of music? Who are your favorite musicians? Can you share an original verse or two?

I do it for fun. All my friends are musicians so its inspiring to be around. I’m definitely a rock-n-roll type of girl but I write a lot of pop music… I have tons of faves! I can’t cuz I don’t want anyone to steal my ideas… LOL

hot rod pinup, hot rod coupe, pin up girls

You’re a model, and actress… anything coming out soon we should watch for you in?

Just had two movies comes out, one is called Azienda a mobster movie and the other is called Deadline – a scary thriller. Really fun doing them! Right now I’m just waiting for 2011 to pass because in 2012 I have a lot of amazing projects!! But, I do volunteer at www.GWHFC.org. My girlfriend and I feed the homeless weekly. Its amazing to give back and we love doing it!

hot rod pinup, model A hot rod, pinups girls(see more of this car… and Crissy here: 1931 Model A Ford Defines Traditional Hot Rods)

I asked photographer Trent Sherrill what he thought about Crissy…

Crissy Henderson is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful & coolest individuals/models I know. She has taught me alot about the industry & photo shoots and has joined the list of people I appreciate in my life; from teaching me how to hustle and get my name out there in a greater ways… She is my top chosen model from my clients too. I never knew how much impact she would have in my career/portfolio. I’m thankful I know her as a friend and honored to have shot with Crissy!

Please let her know what you think in a comment below.

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