Pinups Tour Sacramento’s Best Hot Rod Shop

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Hot rod Pinup models at vintage-fordI know you just want to see the girls, so here’s the Hot Rod Pinups in the Pinup Gallery

You can find oil and filters and replace that dead battery (usually on a Saturday night) at any-old parts store, but when you’re looking for parts for your hot rod or vintage truck, you’ve got more to think about.  So what do you look for? In the Sacramento area, check out Darold Kohout at Sacramemnto Vintage Ford.

Cruising up to Sacramento Vintage Ford for the first time, I didn’t know what to expect.  First thing I notice?  This place is HUGE!  The parking lot would hold over a hundred cars and is just about perfect for the “Vintage Friday” shows hosted every so often from June to October.  Then, just through the doors, you’re greeted with two fantastic Model T hot rods.

Hot Rod pinups in Sacramento

The first T-bucket was Norm Grabowski’s famous “Kookie Kar” (now owned by John Labelle).  It’s blue base coat highlighted with classic-styled yellow flames and wide whites clad steelies was an inspiration for a wave of T’s.  You know the car, but have you seen it? It’s on display along with several other hot rods that are rotated occasionally to give visitors some eye candy while they’re shopping .

hot rod pinups in SacramentoThe other hot rod T on display, flanked in this photo by the lovely pinup model Miss Rockwell DeVill, is TJ Pagno’s hemi powered 1927 T Roadster.  You might know the Pagano name from The “Mountain Pearl” custom pickup recently featured in Rod and Custom.  You’d guess right away TJ’s a pinstriper (or is great friends with one!) from the plentiful, yet stylish pinstriping work found all over the 27 roadster, including the floors.  The entry way, with the white-walled T’s both with vintage powerplants, flames and scallops and don’t forget the visting pinup model, has you set up for a great visit.

Walking past Goodguys KIRK’s laced-up and flaked Starliner also on display, you round the bend and get a better view of the 70,000 square feet of space inside.  One corner not to miss looks like it’s been there longer than the building.  Our new friend, pinup model Athena Amore poses to help us enjoy the view.

Mixed in with the dusty old speed parts (junk to the untrained eye) is an untouched, vintage dry lakes 1932 roadster #305.  Owned by collector Bruce Woodword, the deuce has been in the display Bruce made for 9 years now.   The cleaning lady doesn’t make it back there often cause she might disturb the blown flathead or vintage Sun tester or maybe the period-styled floor jack and the old slicks that Darold used back in high school on his Pontiac racer.The dusty corner’s a perfect addition to the store and must see when you drop by.

Hot Rod pinups, hot rod girls, tattoo pinupIf the cars and the occasional visiting pinup model weren’t enough for you to drop by, consider this: There’s over 1200 vendors represented at Sacramento Vintage Ford and just over 30,000 part numbers.  30-35 full time staff members keep the store running including a full staff of phone sales and tech help, but these days, a big chunk of their sales comes from their online store.  But you can’t enjoy the hot rods or the full size (with all the amenities) 50’s style diner found inside the store from the web!  Darold said he saw customer’s wives waiting in the car while their husbands shopped.  So why not give them somewhere to sit, enjoy a fountain drink and relax?

If you haven’t already decided to stop by, let me give you the final shove.

Darold and his staff at Sacramento Vintage Ford also host and distribute toys for the “Chips for Kids” charity.  Before Christmas, toys donated from all over Sacramento are collected and sorted in the enormous warehouse.  Then, needy kids come by and get to pick which toy they want.  The toy drive has doubled since it started in 2007 and so has the number of happy kids!

So when you’re in Norcal, make a trip over to Sacramento vintage Ford. The T’s up front might be replaced by a couple other well known hot rods, like (Darold’s trying) the California Kid and the original “American Graffiti” Deuce coupe. Thanks for the tour!

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