Points are Cool – MSD 6A with Points Benefits

Points Conversion for Distributor or Stick with Points and an MSD Box

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Sometimes simple is best. Or sometimes… we’re low on cash!

So when it comes time to upgrade or convert your points distributor to electronic type, maybe you can wait on the distributor mod, pickup the MSD box and still get all the benefits of an MSD box. Sound good? Read on… For those of you who simply can’t find an aftermarket distributor or the conversion parts needed for you nostalgic distributor to upgrade from points, the MSD box will work well for you too.

When you install an MSD to your points distributor, you’ll still receive the powerful, multiple sparks that MSD is known for along with the performance that comes from it! Specifically, with an MSD installed:

  • The points will last much longer
  • Adjusting or “gapping” the points isn’t crucial to performance
  • You’ll rock MSD’s multiple sparks and Capacitive Discharge (CD) power

The points will last much longer

points vs hei, points distributor conversionIt is true, that a magnetic pickup distributor is much more accurate than a points distributor, especially when it is complemented with an adjustable advance, sealed bearings and a billet housing. However, if you have a very mild or odd-ball engine built for cruising, installing an MSD will increase the longevity of the points life and adjustment!

The points last for thousands of miles because there’s only a small amount of current jumping the gap. Generally, for a points ignition, there’s 3-4 amps of current flowing each time the points open. With the MSD 6A installed, only two tenths of an amp (0.2 amps) make it across the gap. With over 90% reduction in current, wear on the points is reduced considerably.

Gapping the points isn’t crucial to performance

When an MSD is connected, the points are only responsible for triggering the ignition. It’s the open/close action that’s critical, not the gap or the amount of time the points are closed, aka the “gap” and “Dwell”.

As your probably know, the points open from the cam on the distributor shaft. The cam dwell, or cam “dwell angle”, is the cam rotation angle, measured in degrees, between points closing and opening. 

You’ll rock MSD’s multiple sparks and CD power

The MSD 6A Ignition Control has a custom wound step up transformer and high output capacitor producing a series of multiple sparks below 3,000 rpm. This spark series lasts for 20 of crankshaft rotation to ensure combustion of the fuel mixture. For engines with multiple carbs or over zealous cams the MSD will help with starting and clean up the idle. So in summary, the MSD box with the multiple sparks gets you:

  • Improved idle and starting
  • Improved throttle response
  • Reduced spark plug load-up and fouling
  • The all important… More power throughout the rpm range

Thanks to MSD Ignition for the tech help. What other questions do you have for MSD? About ignition parts? Setting your timing? Ask and I’ll make sure you get an answer from a pro, not your favorite forum-expert…

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