Retro Rewind 2014 – Hot Rod Fun When It’s Cold

Hot Rod and Custom Car Show from John Wells

hot rod show, custom car show


Midwest hot rodders are a very special breed. We hide out all winter long, suffering through extreme cold and mounds of white stuff that seems to clog virtually every nook and cranny of our otherwise pretty cool lives. (I know, I know… east coasters seem to have the same issues, but we’re talkin’ the center of the country!)


John Wells has become the pied piper of us Midwest rodders. He says “come with me” and we follow. It’s just that simple and Wells’ newest event promises to be every bit as creative, exciting and traditional as his past projects where he has been able to make hard core hot rodders one very happy bunch of people!


Retro Rewind is Wells’ newest creation, happening January 11 and 12 at the Five Flags Arena and Theater in Dubuque, Iowa. Even Voodoo Larry thinks it’s going to be cool enough to show up and Wells is determined to make this bigger and better than anything he’s pulled together.


Wells is creator and chief honcho of the successful TorqueFest events, begun in 2010 in tiny Farley, Iowa and now a “must attend” for traditional rodders across the country. Wells is determined to present these “shows” in the proper fashion. “What better time to step back in time,” says Wells, caught between endless planning phone calls and his kid’s Christmas program. “We celebrate a simpler time when hot rods were worked on in a friend’s garage and music came to us via an AM radio.”


Just the logistics of trying to round up period correct hot rods, kustom cars and vintage motorcycles during the throes of winter weather is daunting enough, but Wells isn’t satisfied with just a display of wheeled vehicles. Nope… he has to add in a few extras like an incredible collection of vintage guitars, mandolins, bass and other accessories, much of it for sale. Guitar amps, effects, cables and pedals… everything for all you guitar aficionados. Bring it on… Wells has something for you!

custom car, kustom car, john d'agostino custom

John D’Agostino’s famed Royal Tahitian custom Merc is slated to be on display (Photo thanks to D’Agostino’s Kustoms)


But let’s not stop there! The two-day event, starting at 9 a.m. Saturday, will be jam packed with special appearances by The Icons of Pinstriping, a hot rod art auction, rock and roll bands (including Nikki Hill!), a Fuel Injected Film Festival, swap meet (leave that billet gear home), a family-friendly pin up contest, real live haircuts (no hair designers, please)… Wells has thought of everything all you motorheads might enjoy during a cold winter weekend.


rockabilly band

Nikki Hill will headline a schedule of great bands during Retro Rewind (Photo by Nate Burrell)


More detail to follow right here at and visit Retro Rewind’s homepage for updates as well. Time for some winter fun!