Scott Fisk, Car artist and Car-tooner

Face The artists and illustrators I’ve featured on all are super talented and I could easily recommend them. In talking and getting to know them, I’m seeing a trend in the people that make art, especially car art, their living. In talking with Scott Fisk from Studio 669 and, I’ve found some of the same important features I see in Brian Stupski from and from Jimmy Smith from and it’s my suggestion you look for these 2 qualities in your next artist:

A true passion for all things cars.

A unique style they’re proud to use.

I think you’ll hear these qualities loud and clear after reading my talk with Scott Fisk.

Scott gave me his regular bio for starters. Like many other car artist, he’s been drawing his whole life finding inspiration from rod magazines and one of his instructors while getting his Fine Art degree in Signage and Graphic design in Boston. Struggling through college, Scott recalls drawing for drinks on cocktails napkins. He says, “I was good for about 3 drawings, then the quality started to go down hill, but the people loved it… so hey, way cool!” What great artist doesn’t know pain like that?

From their, I ask Scott a few questions and here’s what he said.

shoebox-willysHow do you choose the cars you draw?
….sometimes I pull them right out of a magazine..seriously..yet sometimes I just want to draw a particular “specimen” so I’ll google some pics for reference and go from there, but I always put my own spin on them… Once I had an editor call me and tell me that he had 2 features in an upcoming issue: a shoebox and a willys prostreet… Would I be able to get the artwork together in time to go along with the actual pics of the cars for that issue? What kind of time do i have?” I asked. “4 days” was his response. I got 2 ref pics of each to go by, that was it, and the end result was Feb. 08 issue of Rodder’s Digest with the illustration called “Shoebox-Willy”. The editor was tickled! He never had an artist smash something out in 4 days.. no egos here, get it time is page time.

What was your first car?
…my first car was a TRUCK and it was GORGEOUS!.. this bad boy was a 1969 Chevy C/10 p/u.. 6 foot 69-WHIP~LASH step side… 3 “on the tree” had a bad ass 8-track deck with 1 working speaker… wool blanket for a seat cover (that was before Mexican blankets became all the rage) it’s power plant was a mighty 292… I could pop the hood, sit on the inside of the fender well and change the plugs with ease (it was always fouling them out)… could work up a mighty sweat doing a 3 point turnaround since there was no power steering..thank god the steering wheel was 18″ around.
What do I drive now?..have a small handful… my daily is a dub (I’m a dubber to the core) also have a 90 fox wagon, have had it for the past 10 years, already gave it to my son (he’s 9)..should be a killer 25 year old ride by the time he’s behind the wheel…my last is the “ruby lounge” which is a work in’s a 1964 Olds dynamic 88…330 rocket, 2 barrel carb..Mexican blanket seat covers..YA BABY!

77-BoUnCe You said drawing “car-toons” so much fun, why?
Car-toons first bit me with the magazine, but the first artist that REALLY bit me was Lance Sorchick..this kat has some killer flow..lines always dynamic always deliberate..always “zooming” his stuff, but won’t copy his flow, dig?…I have done piles of “formal” renderings like the kind you find with Chip Foose..but it ain’t often that your average guy off the street can afford a 1500 plus rendering. So I do this dress down “fun” style where real people can afford ORIGINAL art..not a poster, not a likeness..but the REAL DEAL. This “car-toon” style allows me to do just that..I want to be the guy that draws for real people..there are no egos here, egos get left at the door in “my house”..if you have an ego that needs feeding?, I may not be the artist you’re looking for, but not just “car-toons” flow out of my studio. I also have my fingers inside of 5 different kulture clothing lines, my own 669 line of shirts as well as piles of tattoo flash..ya, you heard right…tattoo flash..ever want a 1-off tattoo just for you?..hit me up or even find my compilations @ kingpin tattoo. 3 artist flash books out as well through kingpin and poster bomb. I have also had the pleasure of working with Hasbro toys, Gennie shifter/Streamline Hot Rods and the U. S. gov’t (which is all classified, sorry) doing conceptual artwork for their applications. so nope, not just “car-toons”…

born this way color If you weren’t an artist what would you be?
Don’t even ask that question… I was put on this planet to be just artist..was never about the money, that doesn’t drive me in the least..just need what I need to live.. and have fun along the way. take away my pencils, you may as well stick me in the looney bin. most important, it flows from my finger tips..”ol’ skool” time goes on there will be 5 gazillion graphic artists and a small handful of “ol’ skoolers”..that’s where I want to be, in the small handful. People search me out for my left handed finger tips, not the adobe generated prints. it’s kept me in pretty good demand for the past 3 years..let’s shoot for another 30, shall we?

With that, I’ll leave you a few select drawings from and Scott Fisk. If you ever see him at a show, say hi, you’ll be glad you did. And when you see first hand his passion for cars, maybe he’ll end up sketching for you too.

(all pictures with permission from Scott Fisk)


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