SEMA Spokesmodel/Booth Babe – The Oldest Marketing

SEMA-booth-babes-promotion-models-5This year’s SEMA show was just that, a SHOW. There is something on display for every auto enthusiast.

Like everyone, I have only a certain amount of time to get around and fulfill a basket of wants and like most, I started out with a predetermined list of vendors to see. Shortly thereafter, the list is tossed in the nearest trash bin. Here’s where your alter ego takes over, leading you with reckless abandonment to wander aimlessly.


SEMA this year had 1700 vendors spread over five buildings and the parking lots surrounding them. It starts to hit me, what will separate one booth from the hundreds of others? What will stop me in my tracks and taking the time to actually see what is being offered… The SPOKESMODEL is born!

A vision of beauty that draws me in, like a carnie at the local county fair (just without the small hands and cabbage smell). She offers up a smile and gleefully signs a poster with her graceful image on it. Feeling empowered, I ask, “May I take your photograph?” She gladly answers, “Yes!” and it’s on.


SPOKESMODELS come in all sizes and attire determined by each vendor’s tastes and audiance. I can equate this to automotive world by saying, “How many 1957 Chevy Belair’s can one person look at?”

For the SPOKESMODELS, never are two so alike that I wouldn’t give them a good look and pass by. The wheels, front end, backend, grille, overall comfort, turn the key and listen to her purr!


By the end of the week it’s occurred to me that everything holds beauty. It is my love of photography that brought me here and, in my own little way, brings forth a cross section of the flavor that is SEMA.