GNRS Show Cars, The Under-over

If you’ve never had the chance to visit a premier classic/hot rod show, then you might be wondering, what’s it take to hit that level? It’s trivial to say, “You need alot of money.” While that’s true, it’s like they say, “Money can’t buy love” and you can see and feel the sometimes years of effort it takes to put a top quality car together. A new friend from over at would also like everyone to know that alot of the big builders farm out work too. Not everyone’s an expert at everything! From the concept illustrations to the wiring to the paint and body, these cars must be done right. Alot of times, they define right and set the trends for the next super show cars.

So take a look at the ultimate Under-over. These pics show the detail you could put into your rod or muscle car if you wanted to. Before the “You gotta drive it” crew chimes in, I agree. But if these cars sit on blinged-out rotating displays with their rotors chromed and headers polished and nary the tiniest oil stain on their white engine blocks for a year before being driven, that’s cool with me. It’s your ride. It’s your choice. My Ride is Me, not you.

Start with this 32 from Squeeg’s Kutsoms in Mesa, AZ. I met these guys preparing this car for the microscope of the Grand National Roadster show. They were re-polishing the exhaust because this car had been driven (and enjoyed) by Doug before the November 2007 Goodguys Show in Scottsdale. Dig the scallops with pinstripes, all cut and polished UNDER the car. (Click on any of these pics to see them full size.)

Squeeg's 32 Roadster

Then, I’m pretty sure this is a 1949 Mercury. If you’re gonna shoot a big show like this, I recommend shooting the show card too! I love the contrast of the paint and chrome. Who’s the tired cat who polished all this?

1946 Mercury Custom

Then I shot this one to show that you don’t have to be all chrome. The big striping works and is a perfect compliment. Dig the spotless, armor- alled tire tread too!

Car show underbellysimg_7127.jpg

There were several non-rods on display in the main hall at the GNRS too. This corvette is as nice as they come. This shot through the wheel opening show the details (properly lit for the full effect) under the car even though it was sitting on the ground. (this is one of my favorite shots!)

Corvette detail GNRS

Then, there’s the mirrors under the cars that help us see the details. I found them pretty much impossible to capture in a decent photo, but they were cool in person. I’ll show a couple so you get the idea. I’m waiting for someone to do a display where folks can walk under and over the car. That’d rock!

img_7141.jpg img_7130.jpg

Last but not least. Tube frames are cool, look racey and all, but how’d you like to be the guy who painted and buffed it for the bottom of the car?

GNRS AMBR under the car

What do you think? Too much? Great? Let us know. Next time I go into the tailpipe of an actual show winner to see what they had to eat.