Speed Week 2010 Cruise In on the Salt Flats

Bonneville Salt Flats Hot Rods and Custom Cars


I heard more than one person comment that Speed Week is like one HUGE Cruise In.  I totally agree.  This is my 4th year coming to the Bonneville Salt Flats.  I’ve got “Salt Fever” bad and the only fix is more salt, right?  This is my first post of Speed Week 2010 and I wanted to highlight my favorite hot rods and custom cars I spotted on the salt.  I’ll dig into a few of these in later posts with more pictures of what makes these hot rods so cool to me. Keep checking back at MyRideisMe.com for more.


In no particular order… (don’t forget to click on the picture to zoom in for more viewing pleasure)


Speed Week 2010, KDF Mangler Volksrod, Corvair engine


The KDF Mangler Volksrod… ya, you’re gonna hear and see a lot about this car on the automotive internet circles I think.  This car just popped on the salt and turned heads with its dual carbed Corvair motor, super low stance and overall COOL FACTOR.  It was one of the biggest neck-breakers out there on the Salt Flats during the 62nd Annual Bonneville Speed Week.  It was easily in my Top 5 Cars of the Week.


Speed Week 2010, Hemi powered, 1931 Hudson, 3 window coupe, hot rod


Another one of my favorite rods was this 1931 Hudson with Hemi V8 power.  If I hadn’t spotted the license plate “31HUDSN”, I probably would’ve mistaken it for a Ford.  This car just sucked me in.  The rear wheel/tire setup is raaaaaaaad!  The creamsicle color with the gray wheels, chrome Hemi treatment, PERFECT STANCE and white stuff everywhere was the perfect Saline Solution for my “fever”.  Again, one of my Top 5 Cars of the Week.  MyRideisMe.com has more pics of this Hudson Coupe in the NorCal Knockout Car Show Picture Gallery.


Speed Week 2010, fenderless coupe, Bonneville Salt Flats


I caught this Coupe Saturday morning before sunrise on Day 1 of Speed Week 2010.  Lookin’ slick with its big n little wheel/tire combo and flat black paint.  I love these old rods without fenders.


Speed Week 2010, Nugget Car Show, Bonneville Salt Flats, Model A Roadster



You can’t forget the Cruise In within a Cruise In at the Nugget Casino in Wendover the first few nights of Speed Week.  I’m diggin’ this Model T roadster with 3 Deuces and yellow steelies and engine block.  The color combination is workin’ for me.  It’s just the right amount of yellow mixed in.  Dig the WWII style two-piece windscreen… I WILL run one of these on a roadster one day.  It’s gotta be one of my favorite hot rod tricks for a roadster.


Speed Week 2010, Old Crow Speed Shop, Shop Truck, Bonneville Salt Flats


We ALL love us some Shop Truck action.  This is obviously from the “Old Crow Speed Shop” in Burbank, Calif. according to the door art.  You’ll be seeing more Model A and B pickup hot rods from me .  My buddy Nate and I really started diggin’ on the truck-rods.  Just something about them that caught my eye this year.  Hmm… do I build a roadster, a pickup, a sedan or coupe, so many options, none of them bad.


Speed Week 2010, 1938 GMC, rat rod pickup, Bonneville Salt Flats


This bare metal ’38 GMC pickup was hittin’ all the right hot rod style points for me.  Plus its driven… If you look close, you’ll notice the 350 SBC was caughin’ up some coolant as it cruised the  pit area.  With temps hit’n 90’s crawling through the pits, the old GMC needed some cooling off.  Perfect for an impromptu photoshoot eh?!  The owner made the drive out from the Salt Lake area with the backup 350 substituting for the big block Chevy- of-choice at home getting a refresh.  It was cool to chat with this dude (sorry, I didn’t write your name down, so I totally spaced it) and hearing how  he’s been hammerin’  on this rod to get it to Speed Week.  I dig the grille, the original GMC unit, not common like the Fords, that’s for sure.   I’m a HUGE fan of white walls on hot rods and again, the stance is spot on.  Love it!


Speed Week 2010, Farm Boys Car Club, hot rods


I saw this group of rods and customs posing together and had to get a closer look.  Meet the “Farm Boys Car Club” from Boise, Idaho.  “Way to go Idaho!”  Some of THE most killer rods at the Cruise In… Speed Week.  In between shots, they’d switch it up and while moving their cars around into different positions, they’d be doing donuts in the salt and kickin’ up the white stuff.  They were just plain enjoying themselves and their rides.  These boys are My Ride is Me to a “T”!  Thanks for drivin’ ’em out from Idaho boys so the rest of us could enjoy them too.


So there’s a glimpse into the unofficial Speed Week 2010 Cruise In.  I didn’t even show you any race cars yet! Click here to see Everything Bonneville Salt Flats related including pictures, featured rides and stories.


Which hot rods were your cruise in favorites?