Speed Week 2010 Nugget Casino Cruise In

Bonneville Speed Week 2010 Cruise In at the Nugget Casino

The Cruise In at the Nugget Casino is a Bonneville Speed Week must-see.  Let’s take a peek at some pictures of the salty hot rods that showed up this year. (Here’s pictures of 2009 Nugget Car Show)

Bonneville Speed Week 2010 Nugget Casino Cruise In pickup

Flattie powered pickup running a favorite wheel/tire combo, white walls and steelies.  Can’t get enough of the salt on top of the rods. We’re workin on a post that shows how it got up there!

Bonneville Speed Week 2010,  Bread Truck hot rod, Nugget Casino, Cruise In

Hot Rod Bread Truck.  Perfect stance for bread delivery, how cool is that?!  I love hot roddin’.

Bonneville Speed Week 2010, Rolling Bones Hot Rod Shop, Nugget, Cruise In

The Rolling Bones Hot Rod Shop cars and crew managed to grab the prime parking spot up front.  32’s and louvers!

Bonneville Speed Week 2010, '33 Ford Sedan, Nugget Casino

Jim Baugh’s 33 Ford Sedan drove out from Washington state.  I met him at the Salt Flats Speed Shop Open House.  More coming on this rod soon.

Bonneville Speed Week 2010, Deuce Roadster, Nugget Cruise In

This shot gives you a look at the amount of people crammed into the parking lot at the Nugget Casino.  This deuce roadster is beautiful with its blown flattie up front and silver paint that looks almost like metal.  One of my favorites at Bonneville Speed Week.

Bonneville Speed Week 2010, 34 5 window coupe, Nugget Cruise In

This is a ’34 5 window coupe from what I learned from my lesson from Jim Baugh (owner of the baby blue 33 above).  He told me one way to tell a 33 and a 34 apart is the thickness of the grille surround.  The 33 has a thinner grille shell than the 34.  This one looks great with its black wires and white walls and factory cylinder head.

Just a small sample of the hot rods I spotted at the Nugget on Friday night, the night before Speed Week 2010 started.  This year it was packed with more rods than last year too.  The word is getting out about this event within the event.  It makes sense though.  Why retire to the hotel when you can continue the hot rodders camaraderie with a Cruise In.  Makes perfect sense.

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