Standing Out At LA Roadster Show

hot rods, pomona, LA, Roadsters, custom cars, swapToday marked the start of the 46th Annual LA Roadster Show held at the fairgrounds in Pomona, California. As the name implies, this is a show focused on roadsters. Roadsters aren’t the only thing to see though. In fact last year, I was so busy checking out the informal car show that happens in the “preferred parking” area that I didn’t even make it over to look at any roadsters! This year I decided to remedy that and take a good look at all those purdy roadsters.

As I walked through row after row of pristine roadster my head started to spin! Rather than continuing on with glazed-over eyes I decided to try and learn a little, recognize roadster differences, and figure out which I like the best.

What’s there to learn about a roadster? Tons! First, how about a definition of what makes a roadster a roadster? Most know one when they see one, but could they define it? Then you’ve got Highboys, Model A’s, T-Buckets… what are the differences? I know I’m not the only one who’s unsure about these distinctions. I learned a ton today (thanks Donnie and Chuck) but still have to track down some of the LA Roadster Club members to steer me straight on these differences tomorrow. Be on the lookout for that article in the next couple of days!

As I was learning, I was also noticing what I did and did not like on roadsters. Here’s what I found…

hot rods, pomona, LA, Roadsters, custom cars, swapA roadster is a driving-mans (or woman’s) car… so it should have good motor. Not only did I like the looks of this one – from the color choice to the tires to the metal-paneled interior – but it had an impressive engine also.

hot rods, pomona, LA, Roadsters, custom cars, swapSome roadsters are too modern for my likes and others too antique. This ’32 Ford was hot rodded in the fifties and remains nearly untouched since then. I like it!

hot rods, pomona, LA, Roadsters, custom cars, swapOf all my choices, this is the only one that isn’t a 1932 and that does have fenders on! This 1933 Ford almost screams both fun and elegance! Can’t you picture driving it up the California coast?

hot rods, pomona, LA, Roadsters, custom cars, swapThis one’s stance must’ve been a good foot above all the rest. It looks ready to have fun out on the road, in a show, or on the flats!

hot rods, pomona, LA, Roadsters, custom cars, swapClassic done right. Enough said!

So these are some of the one’s that I like – what qualities make a good roadster to YOU!?!? Leave a comment and let us know!

There’s still another day of the LA Roadster Show!!! Make sure you check back and see what else Craig, Swanee, and I run into!

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