Stromberg Carburetors and “Old Crow” Bonneville Land Speed Record

Bonneville Stromberg Cars + Old Crow = Class Record

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Stromberg Carburetor is proud to announce the first World Land Speed Record powered by New Stromberg 97 carburetors. Congratulations to Bobby Green and the Old Crow Speed Shop crew from Burbank, CA for shattering their 104mph 2008 V4/FS record with a new 127.270 mph pass at Bonneville’s Speed Week in August 2009 with their belly-tank lakester.

Old Crow Belly Tanker in the starting line at SpeedweekThe traditional belly tank lakester has been a Bonneville favorite since Bill Burke fixed a war-surplus aircraft drop tank onto an early Ford chassis back in 1946. The natural streamline shape of the tanks, used during the war to hold extra fuel on aircraft which could then be jettisoned or “dropped”, was the perfect readymade streamlined race car body. The Old Crow Team was put together specifically to maintain this tradition.

In the FS (Fuel Streamline) class, the design of the body is restricted only to the extent that at least two wheels must be covered. The V4 engine class is for Vintage (pre-1935) 4-cylinder engines.

Says Stromberg owner Clive Pew, “I met the Old Crow guys with heads in hands on Monday as they couldn’t get enough fuel into the very hot H&H Antique prepared 4-banger with the two old Stromberg 48s they had. I had New 97s with me, so three went onto the engine’s hand-build plenum-equipped intake. They needed to make up a riser for the center carb to avoid fouling on the magneto, but a sheet of plywood from another team was pressed into action. Real Salt Flats ingenuity in action.”
3 Stromberg 97's help the Old Crow Tanker break a class recordWith little time to tune, Bobby smashed his own 2008 record with a 127.270 mph pass, backed up on Wednesday. A new V4F/FS record and the first New Genuine Stromberg 97-powered world Land Speed record!

Said Bobby Green, “The Old Crow Team were all talking about what great quality the new Stromberg 97s are. They don’t leak. They don’t even weep. And they did the job pretty much straight out of the box. Thanks for the help and nice work.”

3 Stromberg 97s perched on top of a high raise manifoldBonneville Beautiful Belly Tank Lakester "Old Crow"

Street, strip or salt, the genuine Stromberg 97 continues to maintain its record of over 70 years of hot rod performance.

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